Facebook has officially released their Messenger app.  Don't be confused, this operates separately from their standard Facebook app you may have on your smartphone already.  It's already the number-one free app in the iTunes App Store already.

I have been using the app for a week personally and it is obvious that the app is going to cause cell phone service providers some heartache.  First of all, we all hate text messaging rates.  The fact that most services only charge about $10 less for texting fees than they do data is absolutely ridiculous.  Texting is using mega-bytes while Data is using giga-bytes.  The app lets users send messages and texts through the 750-million-member social network for FREE.  Simply login with your Facebook account or your phone number and you will have access to all your "friends" as well as in-phone contacts.  Live notifications are sent just like they would with standard text messaging.  To summarize, you no longer have to pay for text messaging if you simply use this app.  I've been using it for one week now and I'm not planning on looking back; my monthly bill just went down ten dollars!

Click on these links to download for iOS and Android apps.

Have you tried either the app yet? Do you see it replacing text messages for you?