We're all familiar with the Netflix business concept by now, right?  You pay a flat monthly fee and you are allowed to watch all of the rental movies you like.  It's pretty simple and it's pretty genius really - a win win situation for the business and the user.  Well, what if you could apply this same concept to movies that are in the theater. Introducing Moviepass.

Moviepass intends to offer a monthly subscription service that lets you watch unlimited theatrical movies for $50 a month.  Pretty steep, but might be worth it for some.  Rumors have it that they will offer a 'lite' package to include 4 movies a month for on $30 - now we're talking!  With ticket prices costing at least $10 these days - you are looking at  a $10 savings.

Now, I can usually hold off for the rental for a lot of movies, especially those that come out in the Fall/Winter because there are other things such as college football to keep me entertained, and generally big releases don't come out in the winter except for the holidays.  Summer is another animal though, I LOVE me some Summer Blockbusters!  Generally you have one major movie coming out each week of the Summer and sometimes two a week.  With ticket costs rising daily it seems, it makes those of us ballin' on a budget pick and choose only a few to see in theaters.

I have to admit that I am very intrigued by the 'lite' package because again, if it is based on the Netflix business model, you can cancel/renew your subscription at any time, which mean I could pick up a subscription for the summer months only.  What do you think, how often do you go to the movies?  Is this something you would be interested in?  Let us know in the comments below.