I mentioned at the start of 31 days of Truth that I attended a Lifeway conference in Birmingham with my friend Ashley (btw, she started her own blog and I totally think she has been writing in the dark all her life...her words hit me in the gut with every post).  It was a great conference full of Jesus and women.  I might get a slap on the wrist for saying this but out of all the break-out sessions I attended, I enjoyed Big Mama's the best.  She talked about clothes.  It was just what my too-full brain needed that day.  As girls, I think we all want to look good.  We might not know how to look good or think we can't afford to look good or try to tell ourselves that looking good is vain and we shouldn't try....but deep down we all want to look good.  And I think that is great.  Who says God doesn't love a fashionista?  I believe He does.  To me, fashion is a form of expression - an art - that allows people at first glimpse to get a picture of this person wearing these clothes.  Your style lets people in.

Big Mama had this on her site Friday.  Love it!

My style is in a state of change.  I've been brave over the years - once sporting turqouoise snake skin jeans (yep, once in high school!) and conservative (does anybody else have like a thousand slim fit Polo's in their closet from college?).  I love wearing dresses and bold colors.  My pale skin looks sick against pastels, yet I still love their softness.  I've become picky with my pants - only buying jeans with stretch and my nice pants have to have pockets on the booty to help me out.  After I had the girls, I did a huge cleaning out of my closet.  I stored my nice work clothes in the closet upstairs and got rid of tops that I just didn't like the look on me anymore.  I need a little length in my shirts these days - anybody else on the same page?  Thank you designers for going with a loose look; it is just what this mamma needs!  Really though, I've been going through a new fashion cycle.  Most days, you will catch me in a t-shirt and Nike shorts.  I refuse to get dressed up around the house with the twins.  A-b-s-olutely not people.  When I'm not in my workout clothes, I've got a casual look going on with jeans and a shirt probably from Ann Taylor Loft.  Honestly, it's a little boring.  I miss go-out clothes.  My budget is next-to-nothing these days so I've decided to invest in accessories.  Belts, flats, necklaces...anything to give my everyday look a wow-factor.  My husband doesn't quite get it and my mother keeps telling me not to throw stuff out, but I want to vamp up my wardrobe a bit.  It begins with getting rid of stuff.  In order to do this, I've got to clean out my closet.  Which leads me to Truth #10: I love a clean closet.

The rest of my house might be dirty but I do my best to keep my closet clean.  I prefer the plastic white hangers with slots on the side to keep my clothes hung up.  I keep my clothes organized by color and style.  If I have ten white shirts, I will start with the first shirt being the simple sleeveless and the rest will follow - short sleeve plain, short sleeve ruffly, long sleeve plain, long sleeve sparkly...you get the drift.  This helps me not lose any clothes.  I'll be honest, I have pulled clothes out of my closet with the tags still on them.  I completely forgot that I had them!!!!  Big Mama offered some tips on cleaning out your closet.  She says to make four piles: keep, donate, throw out, and alterations.  She even suggests for you to write down or take pictures of outfits and keep that list in your closet for those nights when you need some inspiration.  She also suggested to make a shopping list - figure out what you need to fill in the missing spaces in your closet.  This will help you not go buy another red shirt just because it is your favorite color.

I'm not quite finished, but here is a peek into my fall closet:

My jeans and darker shirts are hidden but here is a basic idea of how I organize my closet

I've still got to switch out my baskets up top with scarves and leggings but it feels so good to have my jeans, skirts, dresses, jackets, and tops neatly organized.  I also got started on my shoes.  Ladies, shoes are my weakness.  I've got a whole other closet upstairs with shoes but I've decided to just bring down my basic ones for now.

I have a lot of heels from work that are really super cute but they aren't everyday wear for me anymore.  I would like some more flats and would LOVE some black boots that look a little worn.

I am torn when I go shoe browsing because I think the new color blocking platform shoes are divine but not really sure if it's the best shoe for me to buy these days. Maybe one pair wouldn't hurt, right?  For Christmas maybe? (Ahem, Raleigh are you taking notes?! :) )

these are my basic flats..can you tell how much I wear the bronze ones?!!!

Melanie gave us a list of what every closet needs.  What I like about her perspective is it is very down-to-earth style...stuff an everyday mom actually wears.  Hope this helps  you as you are cleaning out your closet and making your shopping list!

Every closet needs:

A great pair of jeans (you get what you pay for your jeans)

A pair of yoga pants/decent lounge pants/athletic wear

Comfortable, stylish shoes

A swimsuit and coverup

Date night outfit

Little black dress or the equivalent

Supportive undergarments

A cute coat or jacket

Eye-catching accessories


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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