Greetings Good Girls, Can y'all believe we are already half-way through our study?  There was something so freeing about ending Part 1 and beginning Part 2 of the book this past week.  I am so ready to see what Emily has to say about grace for this ever-so-needing good girl.  Even though we only read two chapters this week, I think she hit on some pretty heavy stuff.  Let's use this time today to debrief and absorb the questions that she asks us so we can be good and ready to receive the grace next week.  Sound good?

To get us started in Chapter Ten, Emily takes us back to the first masks found in the Bible, the masks that Adam and Eve hid behind after they ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  One thing that she makes clear is this: "Your masks, or your flesh, will never completely go away.  But we can learn what it looks and feels like to choose dependence on Jesus rather than dependence on self."

God gave us a gift in the two trees in the garden.  *But Satan made Eve believe that she had to do something in order to be something.  He convinced them to forget God's gift and try to work for it instead.  Doesn't that sound like a good girl to y'all?  We depend on our own works instead of Jesus.  It's so true.

In what ways is living life from behind our masks similar to eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

She also goes on to explain that birth determines identity.  Because of the fall, every person is born into Adam - leading to death.  But when we choose Jesus, we are reborn into Christ - leading to life.

What does this say to you about the try-hard life?

After Adam and Eve realized that they had sinned against God, they felt guilt.  I love what Emily says about this on page 117, "Guilt is a good thing, a God-reminder when things aren't right and an opportunity to change them.  Shame is what happens when we let guilt fester and sink deeper and don't deal with it."  Friends.  Dear friends.  This was a revelation to me.  One of my many truths that I have been wanting to share with y'all this month is the truth of the shame I feel daily.  Ever since the girls were born premature, I have suffered tremendously from what I thought was guilt.  It was a hard struggle internally for me because I knew that God didn't give me guilt.  When Emily explained above that guilt was a God-reminder of sin it was like a light bulb went off. I do experience guilt, but it is a way for God to help me make right a sin.  So, this guilt is actually a good dose of medicine every now and then. But, I still have this deep feeling of unworthiness inside of me. All this time I thought I was suffering from guilt but it was actually shame.  Shame that I allowed Satan to give me. This Shame brings forth doubts.  Doubts that their birth was my fault.  Doubts that they won't be as developed as the rest of their friends.  Doubts that I am an un-fit mother.  Doubts that I'm not good enough in general.  Doubts that I should have done this instead of that and doubts that my dreams of writing and speaking are just lies that I'm telling myself are goals.  I feel shame daily and it is part of my good-girl mask.  I am so ready to take it off.

Instead of shame, God gave me grace.  Something I didn't deserve.  He sent his Son to die for my sins.  When he died, Emily explains that God gave us Mercy - forgiveness.  When Jesus rose from the dead, God gave us life.

Thank you.

At the beginning of Part 2, I love the verse she chose.  It speaks so personally to me.  "For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son" (Col. 1:13).  Emily writes, "Darkness is the only choice for the girl who doesn't believe.  But we have been rescued from that darkness.  We have been picked up and placed into light."

As a good-girl, do you accept this truth?  Emily explains in this chapter that so often the good girl understands the first rescue that happens at salvation but she is still hiding under the covers.

In order for her to truly be free from the try-hard life she must be rescued from herself.  I love how Emily simply states: Jesus came to save me from myself.  It hits me in the gut.  This painful truth that keeps me from living life the way it was made to be lived.  To close out this week, Emily invites us to journal about how we were made to find our safe place in God, not in a hiding place crafted by our own hands to get our needs met.  I think this is so important for us to realize as we move into the beginning of Part Two.  The Truth to Remember is the verse I stated above (Col. 1:13).  We will meet back here next week after reading chapters 11 and 12.  To find all of our posts so far in this series, just click here to catch up.  Please keep stopping by, I believe we are getting to the best part of the journey.  The part that is free from hiding.  See y'all soon.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

*Excerpts taken from Grace for the Good Girl.  Freeman, Emily

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