Last Friday, I got in the decorating mood.  I simply love this time of the year and it is always so much fun to walk through our neighborhood and see all the mums and pumpkins on front porches.  I was tired of ours being bare, so I went full-force into decorating mode.  Every year, I try to change it up a bit even though I am basically using the same things.  This year, I opted for a burnt-orange mum instead of my typical yellow.  I liked how it turned out:

The grandmothers bought these fall dresses for the girls and I just had to get a picture of them with the pumpkins!

Adeline, Fall 2011

Maralee, Fall 2011

I love the fairy tale pumpkins!

Inside, I chose a small white mum as my centerpiece this year.  I do not have a green thumb but I have already watered these flowers in an effort to keep them alive through Thanksgiving.  A couple of years ago, I bought the candles that you see here from Pier One.  They have lasted me each fall since and I love them!

I also picked up three of these little acorns from Pier One, along with the wooden balls.  I think I got them after Thanksgiving on sale.  I am a sucker for anything mini and cute!!!!!

Since our alma mater, Auburn, has orange as one our team colors, our platters fit in perfectly for fall.  I have a dip bowl too but this year I left it out of the decor.  I can always bring it out for a party but I thought it was a little much with everything else on the buffet.

Last year, my mom bought me all of these pumpkins and the fake leaves from one of the craft stores.  I didn't really want these all on the mantle since they are fake but I thought they ended up cute inside my beverage jar from Crate and Barrel.

Since I had a slew of the fake leaves, I decided to use the rest of the garlands on my mantle.  I think the mixture of fake and real makes this work together elegantly.

I used a real  pumpkin in the center and fake apple pumpkin/corn cobs around it.  The pumpkin was the perfect centerpiece to the mantle, balancing out the two ends.

I love pictures on a mantle.  I just think that every mantle needs to remind you of the family that lives there.  I saw the candy corn vase ideas on Pinterest (see more here!) and decided to use this to anchor both ends with something real.  My only problem is Raleigh has already stuck his hand in the candy jar!  I hope they last!!!!!  Also, this candle is a cheap one from Wal-Mart, I just tore off the sticky label to make it look more expensive.  I think it might be some type of caramel smells lovely and warm!

We got this serving piece as a wedding gift and I love pulling it out this time of the year.  It doesn't really match the rest of my house, but I think it brings some whimsy to the mantle.  Again, I used a Pier One candle with the candy corn and a Wal-Mart candle.  The green decorative piece was something I picked up randomly shopping.  I like the mossy look to it and it brings in the green that is in the rest of the room to the mantle. I also got the bird at a vendor that was at our Jr. League Holiday Market last year.  Love how it looks old and chipped.  The tea lights give a little twinkle and balances out the fake produce used below.

Hope I gave y'all some inspiration if you haven't already decorated!  I am hoping to make another wreath for my front door that is a little bit bigger...if I get around to it this year I'll be sure to share!

At the top of this dish towel is says Gobble Gobble.  I had to go ahead and put it out!!! :)

Before we leave for today, Raleigh and I wanted to give y'all some free printables to use for your fall decorating.  These are great for gifts and cupcakes!  Just click here to download.

free fall printables

Also, if anyone would like this Thanksgiving card, we are giving it away!!!!!!!!  The winner will get a printable Thanksgiving Card customized for your family!  Just leave a comment below to enter.  Contest ends on October 31st (also, enter to win some free bottles from Tommee Tippee!).

free thanksgiving giveway printable card

We have some fall themed baby items on our shop too.  Here is a boy ghost, acorn, & turkey:

Be on the lookout for new pumpkins and turkeys that are coming soon to the shop.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at

Have a great day!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

PS - So, y'all know I'm bad with numbers, right?  I accidentally left off one of my truths on this list below so my numbers have been one day behind.  Whoops!  Below is the correct list....just ignore momentarily if some of the numbers are off in old posts...I'll go back and get that fixed soon.  Thanks!

Truth #1 – The Truth

Truth #2 – I hate laundry

Truth #3 – I’m bad at memorization

Truth #4 – My dogs drive me crazy

Truth #5 – I’m scared at getting in trouble

Truth #6 –I struggle with being a mom 

Truth #7 - I was nervous to start N2S

Truth #8 – I like to dance

Truth #9 – I enjoy a simple life

Truth #10 -  I desire to live life according to God’s will, even when I don’t feel like it.

Truth #11 -I love a clean closet

Truth #12 – I am never satisfied with me

Truth #13 – I have a short temper

Truth #14 – I love things

Truth #15 – I sew to make memories

Truth #16 – How I define success

Truth #17 - I desire to be the best that I can be