Life sure doesn't go as planned. You would think I would have learned this truth by now.  Maybe God is trying to tell me something.  Again.

Yesterday, we went to Dothan to have our last family photo shoot done by the wonderfully talented Mark Broadway.  This was our fifth session, the one that originally was supposed to be my maternity pictures - but I ended up having the girls before the pictures were scheduled to be taken.  Life didn't go as planned back then and it sure didn't go as planned yesterday.  We met up at Aplin Farms in Geneva for what I thought was going to be a picturesque setting for some fall pictures.  Pulling up, we could barely find a place to park there were so many school groups there.  Part 1 of the picture perfect plan was already beginning to  crumble.  I hate crowds.  Really, they make me uncomfortable.  I don't mind being in a crowd for a concert but I hate being around lots of people when we have photo shoots.  I'd rather it be just us and the photographer.

Anywho, I put on a happy face as we scoped out the area.  This is when the plan for the day completely went south.  Walking to the first picture location I got stung by a yellow jacket.  It's kinda hard to smile while your finger is swelling.  Then, Maralee fell face first in the dirt and got her cute frilly romper filthy.  Baby crying, finger swelling, sun heating up to 80 degrees - the day was not starting pretty.  Poor baby also had a runny nose and was not her typical smiley self.  So, most of the pictures are of the girls screaming.  Mark shot one picture of us walking down the dirt road holding their hands.  The picture was being shot from the back which was nice because Adeline was literally balling her eyes out.  What memories.

Yep, life doesn't go as planned.  This Type-A planner tends to forget that, especially on days like yesterday.  When we got back home, we got to look through the pictures that Mark had taken of the girls 1st birthday party.

When they turned one; we rejoiced in life not going as planned.  What a year we had been through but boy did God show up in a mighty way.  He took our crumbled up plans into his hands and molded them into a beautiful picture that showcased his uncontainable love.  He has a way of doing that, doesn't he?

Thank you Mark Broadway (and Jeannie!) for capturing the first year of our girls!!!!

Before we head out today, wanted to show y'all two new shirts on the n2s shop.

Perfect for the Peanut Festival and Thanksgiving!  Let me know if you want one :)  I'll be adding some Christmas stuff soon so let me know if you want something in particular.  Next week Raleigh will showcase all the Christmas cards he has been making.  They are super cute and you can't beat the price (especially if you print them at home on nice paper!).  Don't forget that he has free fall printables and is giving away the Happy Thanksgiving card if anybody wants it.  He had someone turn it into a baby announcement; which was a clever idea I thought.  As always, you can e-mail us at if you want something designed just for you.

One last thing before signing off - leave a comment below and you can win the Tommee Tippee bottles.  Seriously y'all, they are free so don't be shy!

Have a great weekend!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

Truth #1 – The Truth

Truth #2 – I hate laundry

Truth #3 – I’m bad at memorization

Truth #4 – My dogs drive me crazy

Truth #5 – I’m scared at getting in trouble

Truth #6 –I struggle with being a mom 

Truth #7 – I was nervous to start N2S

Truth #8 – I like to dance

Truth #9 – I enjoy a simple life

Truth #10 -  I desire to live life according to God’s will, even when I don’t feel like it.

Truth #11 -I love a clean closet

Truth #12 – I am never satisfied with me

Truth #13 – I have a short temper

Truth #14 – I love things

Truth #15 – I sew to make memories

Truth #16 – How I define success

Truth #17 – I desire to be the best that I can be

Truth #18 – I love to decorate

Truth #19 – I feel shame daily

Truth #20 – I love blogging

Truth #21 – I have control issues

Truth #22 – Nature brings forth peace

Truth #23 – I feel guilty to rest

Truth #24 – Trying not to get discouraged

Truth #25- Obedience is a Discipline

Truth #26 – Letting the Truth be true

Truth #27 - I need to be more mindful of others