Hello friends! It seems like forever since I last shared with all of you. I was expecting to have a fabulous post from my sweet husband for last month, but his work schedule got out of control, and he worked so much overtime, that he was unable to put his thoughts on paper for me. I was expecting to have that same post from him this month, but alas, our personal schedule has gotten so out of control that he hasn't had time to follow through on my request. He's not into writing as much as I am, so I decided to stop waiting on his remarks and move forward with my own for the time being!! I will get his version of our fertility journey on this blog before too long though. It is so important to me that he share his perspective, especially since a portion of our struggle was a male factor issue. As we approach the busy holiday schedule I wanted to encourage all of you that are facing a fertility struggle or any struggle for that matter to take a moment, a day, a week, or this entire month to reflect and give thanks. Sometimes in the midst of your pain, aggravation, and anger of fertility stuff you can lose your focus, your Godly attitude, and your gratitude towards the Father. There is no better time to stop and make a list of all the wonderful blessings in your life than when you are facing one or some of the biggest and worst challenges of your life.

I have struggled with how I could be of encouragement to the "infertility" community as I sit here 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and not come across like I no longer understand the pain in the process. As I've gone through this second pregnancy, I have found myself not expressing my thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord for this blessing as much as I may have done with my first pregnancy or as much as I would have expected this time around. This may be because of lack of reflection on my past struggles, or simply because I have a nearly 2-year-old little girl to chase around. Either way, I've been convicted of my lack of thanksgiving recently.

As I've thought about this over the past months, I have asked the Lord to bring to my remembrance some of the things I went through, and for Him to highlight the many blessings He gave us over the past 5 or 6 years. Writing our story on this blog has really helped me through this process. Thank you for letting me share our story with you, it has helped heal many wounds of my heart. Our hurting hearts tend put blinders on our eyes by allowing us to miss the wonderful blessings in our life. Blessings like our supportive friends, loving family, beautiful homes, nice cars, good food to eat, our sweet pets, our great country, our church families, our jobs, our loving husbands and wives, the list could go on and on. Coming into this holiday season and into November especially, we are reminded to be thankful for the many things in our lives. Maybe every month should have a specific day of thanksgiving to help us not forget to be thankful. We don't just need to be thankful to the Lord for our many blessings, but we also need to say and show thanks to those around us that matter!

If you are in a season of struggle of any kind, find a quiet time to sit down and begin reflecting on the things you are thankful for. It doesn't matter how big or small it is; if you are thankful for it...write it down! I bet your list will grow rapidly after you get started. Reflect over this list in your prayer time and thank the Lord for each individual item over the next weeks or months. Not only will this remind you of the Lords great love for you, but it will remind your heart to find joy during this season of struggle.

Here are a few of the things I want praise the Lord for today: My precious family, my baby boy on the way, a healthy pregnancy thus far, two wonderful pets, delicious food in my pantry, a wonderful job, my friends and family, my amazing husband, the mini-van I never thought I'd own, nice things to fill my home, knowing all my bills are paid at the end of each month, the silliness my 21 month old daughter brings to my life, cream filled donuts, Dr. Pepper, and lattes! My list could go on forever...but I'll stop there for now.

I'm looking forward to entering this holiday season with a heart of thanksgiving. We are doing things differently this year due to my due date, and I am looking forward to creating new memories and traditions as we move into a new season of our lives - being a family of 4. I hope you find time to thank the Lord for his many blessings in your life, even the ones you sometimes miss because of your struggles, and then find ways to express gratitude to those in your life that bring it meaning and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving!! (Literally...I hope you have a happy time giving thanks for and to those in your life!!)

Until Next Time...Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!!