19 Months Old.  Where did the time go? Maybe it was spent playing on our new toddler bed:



Or, being chased by daddy (please notice the Resolve carpet cleaner, crib front, and the flowers that are lying on the table with no vase...this is my life):

It was definitely spent climbing, playing, and laughing:

 Adeline is a little monkey

Maralee exploring

It has been quite a month, that is for sure.  Adeline is past her sour phase and has given me some smiles lately.

She also likes spit bubbles and her belly.  And, anyone else's belly.  It's her new favorite thing.

Maralee is our little dancing queen.  Baby loves to stomp her feet, clap her hands, and bob her head to the beat.  They will both spin around in circles until they get dizzy and fall.  It's too cute.

Maralee & Adeline love the piano at my parent's house


We are also all about teeth these days.  They shriek with delight and make the ahhh noise every time we get out the toothbrushes and toothpaste at bedtime.  Adeline's teeth in the section behind her front teeth (what are those called again?) are in and Maralee's are on their way.  We are a little concerned because Raleigh has this genetic thing where he is missing teeth number 3 and 14.

You can't see it when he smiles, but he has to wear a retainer at night to keep all his other teeth from moving.  So, I guess we will see if the girls have that too or if those teeth just haven't showed up yet.  Hmmm...

Every day the girls are saying something new. Or, at least trying.  We've caught jumbled phrases such as "Hey Lu Lu," "Sister" and "Raleigh."  They had a little cough this month but we got the okay for some Dimatapp and it has cleared up.  I hate it when they don't feel good but I have to admit I love it when they lay their sweet little heads on my chest.  They have gotten much more affectionate this month - running up to Raleigh when he gets home from work and offering up lots of hugs and wet kisses.  It is my favorite time of the day.  It only lasts for a second and then it's back to giggles and somersaults (R is already talking about gymnastics).

I get asked a lot if I always dress them alike.  It is easier to but sometimes I don't like this day for MMO

(right before naptime in case you can't tell from M's sleepy eyes!)

The other day I was listening to the radio and I heard about a mother in Australia that was expecting twin boys.  She was 32 weeks pregnant and discovered that one twin had a life-threatening congenital heart defect.  The family decided to abort that twin but the doctors accidentally injected the other twin instead.  Hearing that news brought tears to my eyes.  I imagined the mother - given the gift of two babies, so close to her due date - and then suddenly she loses both.  How hard that decision must have been to make and then dealing with the horrible outcome?  Such devastation and heartache she must be feeling right now.

Life really is such a precious gift, something that we sometimes fail to realize in the midst of poop, chores, and the daily grind.  This morning, the girls helped me make buck-eyes.  They ate the left-over peanut butter as I rolled out the sugary treats.  I imagined them helping me roll the dough in little balls and dipping them in chocolate next year.  The smile on their faces as they eat the special holiday treat.  When they were born, I didn't know if I would ever receive that gift.  Today, I am so grateful to God and our doctors/NICU staff that this is a reality.

Take time today for hugs.  To dance and play.  To giggle on a new bed or to run down the hall screaming.  These are life's gifts, too precious to ignore.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen