I think, sometimes, we lose a little perspective on how much God truly loves us. Like, when our day starts off badly and only gets worse.

Or, when somebody or something makes you want to cry.

We can even lose perspective when everything is going our way and we selfishly absorb what is given to us in this world.

Come to think of it, losing perspective can happen in a blink of an eye.  One minute I'm praising God and the next minute I'm bitterly asking Why?  My perspective becomes all about me: what I want, how I think my life should go, what I think God and everybody else should be doing to please me.....the reasons pile up like laundry.

Because we are taught from a very young age that we are what is most important.  Our parents can't help but make us the center of their focus and we do the same with our own children.  We go above and beyond to give extravagantly, love extravagantly, and live extravagantly just so we feel as though we are like everyone else.But, still, at the end of the day we aren't completely satisfied with this showing of affection.

All the while, God is waiting for us.

To cup both hands and extend them forward to receive.  This humble act of obedience...submittance...is all that it takes to clearly see just how much we are loved.  Once we do this, our eyes are clear and we move forward in this life aware of all the million things God does to show us his love.

This past Saturday, Raleigh and I took the girls to the zoo together.  As we walked through "South America," we were amazed at some of the animals that God created.

Look at the wings of this bird...how far wide God made them stretch:

When we approached these amazing cats, the female was cleaning the male's hair in the morning light.  Such affection was shown between these partners in life...

We just thought God was having fun with these bunny-like rodents:

Taking some time with my family to enjoy the wonders of this world always puts my perspective back in place.

It reminds me of this simple truth: God really is good.

Because sometimes it's hard to remember that truth.  It's hard to let go of my pride and ask for God's love.  My human nature wants to find a way to do it myself and not rely on anyone else to feel secure.  When life throws unexpected twists I so easily see it as punishment instead of development.  God shows his love in so many different ways and unless we are open enough to see it; his love will get lost in the midst of our pain, bitterness, confusion, or self-glory.  It's so much easier to blame God rather than grow in God's love.  But, if we change our perspective and choose to see this life with a little more clarity, we get the chance to drink in all that God is offering us.

With February right around the corner, I want to invite you to share with me your story of God's love.

It can be a story about your marriage, family, or a special moment in your life.  Or, it could be about you showing your enemy love and overcoming evil to receive love.  It could even be a story about how much you love a certain cake, color, or place.  However you choose to express God's love is alright with me. :) Your story needs to be no longer than 700 words and should include a picture, along with a bio and a bio picture.  Please send your story to christen{at}theuncontainabletruth.com by Friday, January 27th with the title of your message being: God's Love For Me. 

I am going to compile these love stories and post them on Valentine's Day, February 14th as an e-book that you can share with your blog readers, facebook/twitter followers, family, friends, and co-workers.

Won't you join me in sharing with the world how much God loves us?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen