I love cranberries any day of the week but especially during the colder months of the year.  They are sweet but have a slightly sour bite that makes them a great addition to any meal.  Below are three recipes that I love to use with cranberries: Spinach Salad with Home-made Cranberry-Walnut Croutons

Spinach salad might be one of my favorite salads to eat.  Especially after such huge holiday meals.  This is a quick and easy recipe that can be served for a fancy girls' lunch or for a light dinner for your family.

If you have a Publix near you, pick up a fresh loaf of their cranberry-walnut bread in the bakery section.  Ask them to cut it into slices for you, making your life that much easier.  I use this bread for my croutons but I also love to eat it for breakfast with some butter and jam.  To make your croutons, cut the slices into one inch cubes and lay on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on them (just enough for all the crumbs to be coated but not drowning).  Next, add your seasonings.  I like to add Landry's Seasoning Salt, Garlic Pepper, and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper to add a salty layer to the sweet bread.  Using your hands, make sure all of the bread cubes are coated and pop them in the oven on 375 until golden brown and crunchy (about ten minutes but keep an eye on it).

Once my croutons are ready, I start to assemble my salad.  My favorite add-on's are colby-jack cheese, feta cheese, cranberries, toasted walnuts, green apples and grilled chicken.  I add the croutons just before my cranberry-walnut dressing and toss.

Cranberry & Spinach Quiche

Another meal I enjoy making (especially on a Sunday night) is a quiche.  I found this melt-in-your-mouth flaky butter crust from Emeril that makes the quiche truly remarkable.

You can also follow his recipe below for a quiche lorraine but I actually like to use my leftover salad (without dressing) to make a hearty quiche.  If I don't have any leftovers, my quiche usually consists just of eggs, cheese, cranberries, and spinach.  The cranberries puff up in the oven and taste yummy in this meal.

Quiche Lorraine Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network.

Cranberry Oat Bars

I am a huge fan of granola.  I ran across Giada's Apricot Oat Bars recipe and love making a big batch for my family.  These bars are soft instead of crunchy and are great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  Instead of using apricots, I use cranberries, and I also like to use strawberry jam as my filling.  These are a great sweet treat!

Apricot Oat Bars Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network.


How do you like to cook with cranberries?  Got any great recipes?

Till next time, let your light shine!


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