Another Monday means another start to a busy week.

Rubbing my sleep-filled eyes to begin my day, I know that I'm going to need strength not my own to keep me going.  Grocery shopping, house cleaning, work on the e-book, pick the twins up from school, cook dinner, attend sewing chores and responsibilities almost seem suffocating.  The day could easily zip by me without my eyes seeing the joy.

But today, I choose to see joy in the everyday living.

Joy that my husband provides food for his family.  Joy that my body is healthy enough to do back-breaking work.  Joy that God has given me a purpose and I have found a way to share His love through words.  Joy for my sweet little girls, joy for the aroma of a hot-cooked meal on a cold, February day and joy that I'm able to create with my hands.

Instead of feeling suffocated, I feel complete. Complete in my everyday living.

Last week, I received a pretty package in the mail, filled with reminders for me to live with Everyday Joy.  A mug that offers a warm start to my morning.  A journal to use during my breakfast.  Bright, fun notepads to help me organize my day, reminding me to ask.  Ask in prayer instead of telling myself what needs to be accomplished each day.

As I journal in morning's light, my heart fills with joy as I flip through the pages of encouragement:

"Joy, like sunlight streaming through the clouds, brings little glimpses of heaven to the earth"

"God will bless all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete"

"Enjoy today, and all the wonder it holds"

I'm amazed at how such a little gift can bring such joy to my day.  Thank you (in)courage, for reminding me that "when we are filled with Jesus, then life is filled with joy."

Thank you Jesus, for giving me another Monday to receive your joy.


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DaySpring gave me this free product to review and all opinions stated are my own.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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