This past weekend, Raleigh and I decided to play in our high school's alumni soccer game.

I have been wanting to play in this game for the past two years but between life and being pregnant, I was never able to play.  Last week, I was really excited about playing in the game.  I figured I was in decent enough shape and even though I hadn't kicked a soccer ball in over two years, I should be fine. Right?

Umm, not so much.  Y'all, I forgot HOW MUCH I used to run while playing soccer. Those teenagers are fast.  Seriously.  As I was running not so neck in neck with a girl ten years younger than me, I quickly realized that I am not as young as I used to be. Since I was the only girl with children playing in this match-up, I tried to keep up with the young ladies but I quickly took myself a pretty little seat on the water cooler.  Let the younger ones get their time in.  :)

As little as I contributed to the game, I still had a blast.  It was great spending time with old friends, coaches, and parents.

Go alumni!  We won 1-0!!!

One of my oldest soccer friends, Leigh

Picture by Gary Hudgins -

I loved getting to run across a soccer field and attempt to score a goal.  I even enjoyed being pushed around by a fullback.  I still love the sport and wish I had a chance to play it more often.  If I ran like that for a month, I guarantee you I would have some Carrie Underwood legs.

Here are some pictures from the game.  Please ignore my pale white-ness.  It is February, you know. :)

Very serious face

Picture by Gary Hudgins -

Raleigh and the girls making sure I was still alive after the game

Raleigh was still a top-notch defender, even if he did look like the Karate Kid:

Picture by Gary Hudgins -

Speaking of reunions, if you were in my graduating class, we have our 10 year reunion coming up this summer!  Make sure to check out this Facebook page to find out the details.  Can't wait to see everyone!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen