Next month my baby girls will be two years old. Where did the time go?

This past month of toddlerhood has been nothing short of crazy.  Finally, the weather is warm enough for the girls to play outside.  We've gone on plenty of walks as a family (which Obi and Lu Lu have loved), played in the backyard, and eaten our pudding packs on the back deck.  Adeline loves to swing and Maralee loves to slide.

Adeline & Maralee at the Shakespeare Festival

Maralee is captain of the playground...

and personal walker of Lu Lu!

It is so cute seeing them play together and run around in their backyard.  I wonder what they are imagining as they bob their heads from side to side as they walk or when they are curiously digging their hands through the dirt.  I see lots of dress-up in our near future.

Maralee and Adeline enjoyed an early March day

Unfortunately, this month has also been a sick month for all of the Price family.  In the beginning of March, my mom and I took the girls to the doctor because they both had goop coming out of their eyes.  Turns out that they both had a serious sinus infection and each girl had an ear infection.  My mom was a huge help taking care of them and myself that week.  Then, we all started to feel better but about a week later, Adeline had a really bad fever.  She was so tired that she laid limp on me all afternoon so the next morning I took her back to the doctor.  She was fighting an internal virus and had another ear infection so the doctor gave her a shot and some more antibiotics.  On top of it all, she was really constipated.  It got so bad that I had to give her a you-know-what up the you-know-where.  We cut out cheese and did our best to eat lots of fiber and since then she has made a huge turnaround.

Adeline, 23 months old

Having her sick was really hard on me emotionally because I didn't really know what to do.  It is hard feeling so helpless as you watch your child suffer.  I feel like I am getting better at recognizing signs of sickness but I still feel so guilty if I don't catch on before it gets worse.  I think that as moms we try so hard to control our children's circumstances but in the end who can really control a child getting sick?  It just happens and each time I do my best to help them recover.

Maralee, 23 months old

Adeline weighs 23.6 pounds and Maralee weighs 23.4 pounds.  They wear about a size 5 1/2 shoe and fit great into 18 month clothes.  Their little arms and legs are nothing but muscle and their out-ie belly buttons are still too darn cute.  I'm also loving their little curls...Raleigh begs me not to cut them anytime soon. During this Easter season, they have still been able to fit into their smocked bunny outfits from last year (9 month bishops).  Look at the difference a year has made:

 Adeline and Maralee, 11 months old (last Easter!)

Adeline & Maralee, 23 months old (this Easter)

Maralee is talking like crazy.  She is getting really good at repeating words.  Her favorite word right now is no.  Go figure, right?  Adeline loves to throw.  She can throw a ball right back to us and has great aim (most of the time).  Problem is, she thinks that she can throw anything...including food.  We recently got rid of their food chairs and are letting them eat on the bench.  Overall, it has worked pretty well but we have had to be pretty stern about not throwing food at the table.  They are really funny because they will eat off each others' plates like it is no big deal.  I guess they are used to sharing :)

Thirsty Adeline :)

We are still going to Mother's Morning Out, Kindermusik, Storytime, and Dance.  I think this summer we might try out gymnastics and swim lessons.  Even though it is crazy getting ready, I love having something for us to go out and do each day.  They just nap now for about two hours in the early afternoon so having activities really helps break up the day.  They love playing with each other but are starting to play more and more with their other friends.  Sometimes I catch them holding hands, sharing, or hugging one another.  It makes my heart melt.

This stage of life has been so fun but I must admit that it leaves me exhausted by the end of the day.  We now refer to Mickey Mouse as "Saint Mickey" because the girls will actually watch him and stay still.  They also love "M-Elmo." Raleigh has enjoyed watching t.v. with the girls on Saturday mornings and can't wait for us to have movie night when they get older.  Those girls love their daddy.  They seriously light up when they hear him coming through the door at night.  I can see so much of him in both of them.  Maralee has his care-free personality and Adeline has his problem-solving skills.  It is so cool to watch their personalities evolve each month.  I might be bias but I truly believe that they are great little girls.

Maralee, Dad, and Adeline before dinner at Seagrove Market (yum!)

As another year ends and a new one begins, I'm sure I'll continue to grow as a momma.  I love my twins and I am so very honored to be their mother.  The other day, I watched a video for a new book (Wednesdays were Pretty Normal) and the dad said that as parents, they were stewards of their story and caretakers of their experience.

I'd have to agree with him.  After two years of watching my children grow into developmentally strong toddlers, I believe that their story - our story - was given to us by God.  I can't help but share it because I feel like it is my responsibility as a Christian to share God's faithfulness in our life story with others.  Our NICU experience was the darkest point of my life but it was during this time that I felt God's light shine brighter than ever before.  I want to keep that light shining, and let other parents know that I really do understand how hard it can be to watch your child suffer.  Being a parent, having is truly a gift.

Me, Adeline, Maralee, and Raleigh at our first family Biscuits game (War Eagle!!!)

May we all be the best stewards of the gifts we have been given.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen