They've been my support this year and I was finally able to see them face to face after 6 months! Last week was a refreshing week for me. I was able to spent quality time my family and build friendships with students who came to visit our city from Auburn University. I loved showing my family around our city and feeling like East Asia is more like "home" lately. (After almost 5 months of culture shock!)

My mom and dad and brother were able to see my apartment, meet my teachers, join me in language class, meet some EA friends, go on a riverboat cruise, eat lots of authentic food, and much more.

Overall, I was excited for them to see the vision for our city and understand why I enjoy this place. When I remember there are 30 million people in my city alone helps put things into perspective. The state of Alabama has around 4 million I believe. People are searching for truth and need the gospel. This year I've had a clear purpose and close-knit community. My family was able to experience that with me and understand more fully what the last 6 months have looked like for me. I'm so grateful for them. For their willingness to travel nearly 35 hours (because of delays...) to visit me.

And for their support and prayers this year.

Here is a video I made a few weeks ago.  I ask some students questions to get them to think "outside of the box" ans shows people what it's like to work with students in East Asia.  Just type in eastasia2012 in the password section to view the video:

(Y'all, it's Christen here for a sec.  I watched this video and it was SO POWERFUL.  Please take a moment to watch this beautiful message that Kelsey has put together.  It really opened my eyes to HOW MUCH their culture needs Jesus.  You will come away from watching this video with a new sense of urgency to share the love of God with those around you.  I am so proud of sweet Kelsey and her co-workers for all that they are doing in this country.)

East Asia Stint from East Asia Stint on Vimeo.