Hey friends, Hope everyone is having a nice Friday. Life has been pretty crazy lately and I apologize for the lack of posts this week (I read once how you shouldn't start a post out like this but I feel like I need to apologize...guess I'm breaking some kind of blogging rule).

Anyway, I just wanted y'all to know that the girls and I are all sick and currently nestled in beds at my parents' house. We had a busy Tuesday and when I finally got settled in for the evening I was more exhausted than normal. I woke up on Wednesday feeling so achy and tired and as I allowed my children to watch three episodes of Backyardigans in between a morning nap, I woke up to Maralee covered in my concealer and Adeline eating something I could not distinguish. Not knowing if I could make it all day (R was on a road trip for work) I did what any tired girl would do: I called my mama.

Ganny got in town after lunch and has been the biggest blessing. I still felt horrible on Thursday and the girls weren't looking so good either so we took them to the doctor. Turns out they had a sinus infection causing a lot of junk coming out of their eyes and ears. Talk about me feeling even worse. Then, I had a mini-breakdown because I had to rearrange a photo shoot I had planned for that afternoon, pack to go home, and get the house clean because we just put it on the market to sale. It was just too much for me to manage so I was beyond grateful for my mom to be the strong one as I cried in her arms.

I already feel better being in the house I grew up in. Dad had a home-cooked meal waiting on us when we got home and I felt like a new person after I had a hot shower. Adeline ran around the house butt-naked after her bath and Maralee is pleased that Ganny lets her wear lipstick. If y'all could pray for us to have a weekend of recovery I sure would appreciate it. I've got to work on my talks for next weekends girls' retreat at my church...it's all about being set-apart in our actions, appearances, and relationships. Also, pray for us as we begin to show our house...I want to share more but right now I just want to not go into panic mode about my house being out of order if someone drops by. This is our first time being sellers so it's been a little nerve wracking. I just pray that someone will find our sweet house to be the perfect place for their own families' memories....

Thanks for letting me take a moment to share. Have a great weekend!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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