In the recent weeks, and even days I have come to realize that as parents, Matt and I are in one of our most important seasons of parenting, especially with Amy Kate. It wouldn’t take anyone very long to figure out that she is in a season/stage of repeating and mocking all of our behavior. Can you say “WHOA”? She is studying our every move, word and attitude and then replicating them immediately and days later! I have come to realize that this sweet precious girl of mine also has a marvelous memory for a two year old!

Do you know how unnerving it is to know that she is watching me so closely? This has had a ripple effect on me personally. I have begun to realize that I need to make sure I really have my act together! She is learning the foundations to our faith, and family values right now at this tender young age. I can’t pretend anymore that I’m some fabulous Christian  woman; I have to really start acting like it! I will admit that there is a postpartum season that is very difficult to stay connected to the Vine due to various reasons, like being out of church with the new baby, being disconnected from church fellowship and small groups, and let’s face it, sometimes you are just too tired to think let alone pray! The Lord has been so gracious to me these last few months, but I can feel Him tugging at my heart and leading me back to Him. I am so thankful for this precious child of mine that is subconsciously holding me accountable to my personal walk with the Lord.

There is no better time of the year to get reconnected to the Source of Everlasting life than the Easter Season of new life and resurrection. I am confessing to you today, that I have been disconnected and have a new desire to get reconnected to the one true Vine. This is not always a easy process, because it does cause me great sadness to know that I have been disappointing my heavenly Father in the recent weeks. I pray that the Lord will forgive me and draw me back into fellowship with him. I have taken the first initial steps, we are back in Sunday service, and we joined a new small group, but now its time for the harder steps of making daily time to personally spend in the Word and prayer with the Lord.

What about you? Who is watching your every move to see if you slip up or to learn life lessons? I realize not everyone has a 2 year old at home eagerly asking “What that Mom?” or “Who that Mom?”; or repeating every action or word that you do or say, but I promise someone is watching you.  Are you taking all the steps necessary to make sure you are connected to the Vine?  If you’re like me and realize that you haven’t been doing your part will you commit with me to get reconnected this week? There’s no better week than Holy Week when the world stops to reflect on what Jesus Christ did for us by dying on the cross. And if you are doing a good job of staying connected to the vine, will you seek those of out who are not doing so good and be an encouragement to us? Pray for us, and with us? Help guide us back to where we should be?

I want to know that I am laying a good foundation for my children, and I know I cannot do that without being connected to the Vine, the One that is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am so thankful for the Lord’s gracious and merciful ways, because I am not always the best daughter I could be for Him. I pray that I too will extend that same grace and mercy to my own children as they grow and learn, but most of all I pray that the Lord give me and Matt the wisdom we need to lay the solid foundation in their lives on which for them to grow.

Until next time Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!