Oh, the crazy things I get talked into doing. It all started after we finished the triathalon last September.  Raleigh and JW were working out together one day (they just started P90 X and R says that he is seriously sore!) and decided that we should all do another event together.  Somehow, they thought we should do an event called Mud Mania.

I didn't think that they were serious.  I mean, who wants to go run in the mud?  For fun?  And pay real money to do it?

Not me.

But, somehow....I did. This is what I get for marrying a guy that once did a break-dance routine in a crowded Auburn building.  He's the type that will try anything and would love to compete on one of those crazy-Asian obstacle courses on the weird nerd channel.  It didn't help that KC was all on-board too.  So, last Saturday, my negative bootie was dragged 45 minutes down the road to a farm in Auburn where the event was taking place.

Part of me was hoping it would be called off because just hours earlier we had severe weather.  Apparently, that just made the people in charge even more excited because once the bad weather moved past us, the course was extra wet and muddy.  When we pulled up to the site, all I saw was mud and wet grass.  I groaned really loud and seriously gave everyone the evil eye until it was time to begin.

The course was a 5k loop through the woods and had 20 different obstacles set up along the way.  We went in the 9:30 heat and the very first obstacle that we did was walk through waist-high water.  It was like they were initiating us right from the start.  Then we did a slip-n-slide (I was brave and went head first!), wall climb, maze, and jumped through some tires.  The first half of the race wasn't that bad....then we got to the creek walk.  We had to walk through a creek for a really long distance (at least a quarter of a mile...it seemed!) but since it had rained, the creek was up to our chests at some points and we were going against the current.  Y'all, it was HARD.  Thank goodness we had the boys with us to help pull us along.  Finally, we reached the end of the creek and then it was time to get seriously muddy.

The last half of the course was all in mud (it seemed).  We had to army crawl through mud and walk through mud and do other obstacles that some people lost their shoes in it was so muddy.  By this point, all I could do was accept the fact that I was doing this dang thing and try to enjoy myself with my friends.  I have to admit...it was kind of fun.

As we all jumped over the burning charcoal of obstacle #20 and crossed the finish line, I was proud of my mud-clad body.  It was proof that I had completed something just down-right crazy. 

Riding home that day, I was glad that I got talked into running in the mud.  Four years ago, there was no chance I would agree to something like this.  I've lived a very safe, serious life and this would have seemed just too dangereous or weird.  I would have had no fun at all.  I need people like Raleigh and the Godwin's to convince me to have a little fun in this life.  If that means crawling in the mud, then I guess I'm game....

Because I want to be a participant of my life instead of a spectator.

Question: What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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