Taking it back old school style. A two part post… For the past month or so my life has been so busy that I don’t feel like I have been half the father, much less half the husband that I have needed to be. I just finished my last final for the spring semester of law school, on April 14th, and the two or three weeks leading up to that I was literally MIA.

I was leaving my house around 5:30 every morning to go to the gym, and I wasn’t coming home at night until close to 11:30 or midnight, all because I was sitting at my desk either working or studying for these three finals that I had. I only have three more semesters left in law school and with that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the pressure also is mounting, because I am so close, the last thing that I need to do is fail an exam. So I pushed myself and I put everything else behind me.

So when I put everything else behind me that includes but is not limited to, my quiet time (that I must admit, I already struggle finding time do to), my absolutely amazing wife, KC, and the two other little dirty things that make me the happiest man in the entire world - Olivia and Zoe.

We have been having some really good conversations in our small group on Wednesday nights for the past few weeks. One of them was dealing with relationships and what you need to do to fix one, or to focus on another. It hit me like a ton of bricks this week when I realized that I left small group early last week to get up and go back to the office to study. Really?! I only have two definite times that I know that I am going to get my “Jesus fill” and I just gave up 45 minutes of one of those determined times to go back and study. Wow. It puts it into perspective - “What is more important in my life?”

I know that this post, thus far has absolutely nothing to do with taking it back old school. I will get to that now…

So as I was feeling very convicted of that, I looked to my left and there sat my beautiful bride. She was there like she always is. Sitting next to me, willing to give up so much of herself and her time to support me and my dreams for us… You notice how I wrote that, “My dreams for us.” She gives up going out with friends, taking trips to the beach or to visit her mom on the weekends, buying clothes for herself, being just a full time stay at home mom, so she can instead work two jobs, while chasing two toddlers (that are getting bigger, quicker and smarter every day). Then I thought, when was the last time that I just gave her one night without me studying. One night without my blackberry or my phone, or my iPad, or really anything that would keep me from focusing 100% on her and just talking.

I was that guy back in college (now we are getting to taking it back old school) who would let myself into her house, and put a Hershey’s kiss everywhere that I knew she would go in her house that day with a different note on each. I think I put out 100 of them one time. Just because I love her. So I decided last night that I would do that today. I am going to ask my wife out on a date. I already have a babysitter booked (Carlie the Great!)

and everything is ready to go. She works part time two days a week here at the law firm that I work at, and I have written out a note, asking her if she would go out with me. Yep, it’s a check “yes or no” type of note. I hope she checks yes…

I am going to take my wife on a picnic down at the river walk (I pray it doesn’t rain) and only have her phone us, just in case of an emergency with the girls, and I am going to sit here and listen to her talk. I am going to focus on her and I am going to tell her everything that we haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk about in a very long time… so, this ends part one of this post.