[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pril 30, 2010 will forever be the day that changed everything. It is a day marked with sadness, uncertainty, hope, and abounding love.  It is the day that I truly recognized my desperate need for Jesus.  April 30, 2010 changed my life...and I am forever grateful.



Today, two years later, I see two girls with no signs of prematurity. (Praise God!)

I have seen how far they've come since their first birthday - barely crawling infants that didn't look twelve months old - to full-blown toddlers.  Now, as they pump their arms to run, or jump into my arms with unfailing trust, I see happy little girls with such a bright future.

Maralee & Adeline (one year old)

As the girls discover life as a two-year-old, I stand amazed at their journey so far.  How much they have learned, how much they have overcome, and most importantly, how much they have loved life. As crazy as our days might get, I am beyond grateful to God to be their mother and I silently thank him for this blessing.

Adeline & Maralee (two years old)

Thank you dear friends, for being with us on this journey.  For loving us, praying for us, and growing with us. 

Would you like to wish Adeline and Maralee a happy second birthday?  Leave your birthday wishes in the comments section below.  We are going to read them every single wish tonight at bedtime.  It will be like they are receiving great big hugs from all of you!!!! 

Thank you again for being part of their lives :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen