Oh, how I have MISSED y'all! Seriously, I am not kidding.  Last week was a nightmare for us over here at The Uncontainable Truth.  I'm sure you noticed that we were a bit silent and the blog might have pulled up on your computer a little funky.  That is all thanks to a hacker.  Yep, we got hacked and could do nothing about it.  As far as we know, they didn't steal any information, just made it impossible for us to put out more information.  Raleigh has been working tirelessly this past week to get the blog up and running again and with some support from Wordpress we are back...sort of.

As you can see, the blog ain't lookin' that pretty right now.  It'll come.  It's funny the timing of things.  Earlier in April, I got a little blog happy one day and came up with my dream-idea of how I really want the blog to look.  Not like I didn't love our last look, but I wanted something that felt just a bit more like me...and y'all.  I didn't think we would implement the new look until later this year but since the blog went down anyways, Raleigh figures he might as well get started on the new design.  So, if you can hang with us for a few days (or weeks?) until we get all shiny and new again, I would be forever grateful.

I think in some very weird way, having the blog hacked was good for me.  I was going CRAZY last week not getting to share with all of you.  I've got Easter pictures and a new guest blogger that I can't wait for y'all to fall in love with, and Chris10's Monthly Must-Haves and SO MUCH MORE and I had no way of sharing it with you.  What I realized last week when I was forced to go on a blog-cation was this: I still have words to say.

And no hacker can stop me. (please don't try...you won last week, swear!)

Last week, I had no control over the blog.  I seem to keep struggling with that word, control.  It was frustrating and made me angry.  Do you ever have moments like this?  With work, or a life situation, or with your kids?  Ugh, it's one thing that I can't stand the most.  But, I was reading this morning about how God revealed to Jesus his twelve disciples.  He chose ordinary men who were willing to be obedient to his father's commands...not leaders.  In fact, in the KJV of the Bible, the word leader is only mentioned three times.  Three times!  Seriously?  To be disciples of Christ doesn't necessarily mean we have to be leaders - or have control - but it means that we lay down ourselves as humble servants.

We obey.

I think I needed some time to remember that last week.

Anyway, we will start back with posts this week. It might look a little funky but maybe we can get past the appearances and go straight to the heart. Truth-seekers, thank you so much for supporting our site.  It really means the world to us that you take the time to stop by every day.  I pray that you continue to find encouragement in this space that stays with you through your day.

Let us continue on...with a little less control and a lot more humility. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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