[dropcap]I[/dropcap]'m not as organized as I use to be. For instance, this past Monday was the twins last day of school.  I had no idea.  I took them to school and picked them up from school. I found out from my dear friend that afternoon that this was their last week.  The thought totally did not cross my mind. Lucky for me, I just so happened to dress them in the exact same outfit that they wore on the first day of school.  Look how much they have grown!  {Tear.}

Adeline & Maralee, 1st Day of School, September 2011

Maralee & Adeline, last day of school, May 2012

Nor, did it register to me that we would have a whole MONTH before summer school began.  They only go one day a week but that means for the next four weeks that I don't have a much-needed-for-all-of-us-to-keep-the-sanity scheduled break.  Eeek!  Again, this thought first occurred to me late Monday.  How, in this day of planners and i Phones did I miss this?  Seriously?!  I have kept a planner since high school (this year is the first year I've gone digital but that is a whole other story) and it literally never leaves my side.  I organize, I schedule, I survey days upon weeks upon months ahead of when is the best time to go to the beach or to have a girls night or to give the grandparents their special time with the girls.  When I was working full-time, I could tell you what day of the week May 16th fell on three months before.  Now, I think it's Wednesday?

I say all of this because I am becoming well-aware that my mind thinks differently now that I'm a mom.  And, I'm also well aware that I am in no way the kind of mother I thought I would be before I became a mom.  But, I'm okay with that because I am daily learning that I am not in control.  Of schedules, of organizing, or even of keeping a clean house.

Lately, I have recognized my need for quiet time. 

Time to take a deep breath in a silent space and relax.  Unwind, de-stress, stilled mind, and softened heart.  Do any of you need that time too?

Starting in June I will begin a new devotion series each Wednesday for the summer called “Back Porch Wednesdays.”  On BPW we will get to close our eyes, feel the warmth of the summer sun, and the gentle breeze of the ocean.  We will be taken to a place of peace that will help us breathe a little easier. Over the course of the summer, I will supply short devotions about finding peace, holding on to truth, and letting go of control.  I might add a few more topics in there too (if you want something in particular, let me know in the comments section.)  I just need a moment to clearly see Jesus in the midst of my daily life filled with forgetful thoughts, busy schedules, anxious hope, and crazy joy.

And, I figured you might need it too.

[quote]Won’t you sit with me on the back porch? We all need a get-away! [/quote]

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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