Why Hello! Has everyone gotten back in the swing of things after the long weekend?  It took me all day yesterday to re-coop from the fun we had at the lake this past weekend.  I'll share the pictures with y'all tomorrow but today, I wanted to share some of our new products over at n{2}s.  These printables are perfect for summer parties and weddings!

Check out these A-dorable Alligator calling cards!  So fun for your little guy to use for gifts, his book bag, or attached to some luggage.  Raleigh is also working on some invitations in this same style that will be great for summer baby showers.

Speaking of little boys, we also did this super cool Star Wars invitation for a little guy's seventh birthday party. Raleigh is a HUGE Star Wars nerd so he was so excited to design this invite. I like how it isn't over-the-top cheese but it still represents this iconic brand's image.  Would go great with the Star Wars birthday cake I made last year for Raleigh. May the force be with you!

Back in April, Raleigh's parents helped host a his & hers shower for this sweet couple.  We had such a good time designing this shabby chic invitation.  Don't you love the scrabble letters?

And, of course, all of the printables we used for the twins' 2nd birthday party are on our shop.  I am so into chevrons right now.  What I love about these cards is that the chevrons can stay but the words can be switched around making this card perfect for any type of party.  So fun!

You can find all of these items and so much more at www.nothing2something.etsy.com

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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