"A Gift from God"

Now is the time when things settle down, that one has a chance to look around. To take a deep breath, smile and say today really wasn't such a bad day. That nobody got hurt, nobody got sick, and Mom's coffee table got just one new nick. Which is truly amazing considering the fact, God gave you two babies, you can't send one back. Yes, you have twins, that you can't ignore, as you scrape the dried oatmeal off the floor. The pleasures are many, the troubles are few, remember you're a Mom doubly blessed with two. No matter how bad things really seem, one can take sour milk and turn it to cream. For the day will come when they're no longer small, and you'll say to yourself it wasn't any trouble at all. So remember when you have trouble with your little pair, that they were a gift from God, so precious and rare. Some people will loose, but you'll share the wins, because you were made the Mother of Twins. -Author Unknown

Maralee, 24 months old

Adeline, 24 months old

Another sweet mother of twins gave me this poem a few weeks back.  I couldn't help but cry when I read the words.  I'm not sure if my tears were out of love or exhaustion, but I definitely could relate.  This past month has been nothing short of crazy raising Adeline and Maralee.  I have always hated the phrase "terrible two's" but lately I have begun to understand how that phrase came about. 

As loving and kind and silly as the girls can be....they can also throw a tantrum, tell me "no," and are stubborn.  Having twin toddlers has been so much more difficult to me than twin babies.  Their rebellious spirit can be very taxing on my nerves.  More often than I'd like to admit, I've called my husband, my mom, and my friends in tears.  Some days I am just so exhausted and frustrated.  But, other days we are happy and the day goes smoothly.  Needless to say, the rhythm of our day fluctuates.

It's hard writing these emotions because the last thing that I want anybody (including my girls) to think is that I wish it were different.  Because I don't.  I wouldn't trade the hard days because the hard days are molding me into a better woman, wife, and mother.  I read in Jesus Calling yesterday that "In this world, I will have trouble" (John 16:33) and I need to ask God to equip me each morning.  Isaiah 41:13 says that God's hand will never let go of mine.  It is God's hand that wipes away my tears and pulls me back up on my feet after a morning meltdown.  His Holy Presence is always there, always guiding, always loving.  All I have to do is recognize it and receive it.


Same goes with my girls.  I have to recognize that they are NOT baby babies anymore.  They are toddlers.  So, I have to receive this crazy gift of toddler hood differently than I received the amazing gift of premature twins.  I can't compare the two because 2 is so different from even a year ago.  I get so tickled at them talking.  A & M are saying new words everyday.  They love "M-Elmo," "Minnie," "Obi," and "Wu-Wu" (Lu Lu).  At night, when we say our prayers, they love saying "Non-Nurner" (John Turner), "Pappy" (My Dad) and of course, Mommy and Daddy.  They demand their "nack" (snack) and "youce" (juice) and will say "yuck" if they don't like to eat something.  We also love our "shews," especially our Crocs.

When we went to our two year old check-up, Adeline weighed 24.6 pounds and Maralee weighed 23.8 pounds.  They are the same height at 32 3/4 inches.  Both girls are in the white zone on the charts with A being in the 20th percentile and M in the 10th percentile for weight/20th percentile for height.  I was so proud of them because neither girl cried when they got their finger pricked.  Their blood levels did come out a little low so we are taking iron supplements again.  Our pediatrician also said that in another month or two that they should be fully ready to be potty-trained so I'm sure I'll have some stories from that adventure!

Speaking of adventures, Maralee gave us a scare this past month.  She accidentally bit her tongue and their was a HUGE slit down the middle of her tongue.  It was so gross to look at but it healed up, just like the doctor said it would.  I felt bad for our little lady.  I guess it didn't hurt her chances with the boys...such a flirt this one is!

Maralee strutting her stuff

Both girls love to color, swim, and jump.  They seriously get some air when they jump, I'm not kidding!  We started going to the Big Green Bus this month and they have loved jumping and playing on all the gymnastics equipment.  I'm thinking of getting them a mini trampoline for the back yard....




Of course, they are still obsessed with their Daddy.  I hope they always are. :)  They ask me ALL THE TIME where Daddy is.  Breaks Raleigh's heart some days.  We've had lots of backyard fun and have started going on more walks in the evening.  Now that the YMCA pool is open, I see us making lots of trips in the very near future!

As crazy as raising twin two year old's can be, I am surviving.  Some days I love it and some days I can't wait until bedtime.  But, regardless of the day, I love being a mother of twins.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

[box_dark]I'm raising money again this year for the March of Dimes in honor of Adeline & Maralee.  If you'd like to make a donation click here: http://www.marchforbabies.org/Chris10_Twins  Thank you for helping us help premature babies![/box_dark]