A stream of words, playing through my speakers, that I've heard time and time again. Keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on.

And I related it to our sweet baby that waits, as we wait, in birth mother's womb or crib in a baby home. Waiting.

Waiting for a loved one to come home from Japan

Waiting to be accepted into nursing school

Waiting to find out about a new position

Waiting for clarity and comfort

Waiting for your baby to come home from Africa

Waiting for healing

Waiting, in whatever measure of time, can be difficult.  We wait for things to happen.  Some of us wait minutes, months, or years.

It's what we do with that wait that makes a difference in the wait.  Waiting for the things that Earth holds.  Sometimes fleeting and may not be packed and carried with us when we go. Won't take nothing for the journey now.

Waiting for the things to come.

A breathe or a lifetime.

Waiting for the reward of things eternal; everlasting.

I listened to the words of the tune again today.  A smile grew across my sun kissed cheeks.  My focus turned from our child to our Savior.  He reminded me that while we are waiting for our child to come home from Africa, that I need to be aware of the bigger picture.  I need to appreciate more His hand in the forming of our family.  Trust in Him. Turn it over to Him.  He did start this afterall. He will finish it...all in His time.

This wait is precious and there is so much that I want to learn, absorb, and put into practice.

But I don't want to wait, while I wait.  I want to make as much of this period of ticking time that I can.

So, driving and thinking about the wait of our child, He reminds me that He is waiting on me.  He's waiting on me to turn all my focus on Him; invite Him to be an even greater part of our wait.

He leans in and whispers that the wait for eternity is the most precious wait of all.  And that while I wait to meet Him face to face, I spend my time in this temporary home of mine, in a way that will glorify His name.  Getting to know Him on a more intimate level.  Growing. Hand in hand.

In Him we are FREE. In the Bible.  Free of fear, free of the burden of wait, free of worry, and questions.  FREE.

And again His voice echoes, "Turn it over to me."

The wait is slow and we've so far to go.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

Rubbing away the cloudy vision, my eyes are trying to focus on the prize that is eternity with our Heavenly Father; ultimate prize.

distance separating loved ones will disappear as phone calls are swapped for embraces

acceptance into nursing school develops into an on the spot hire for a job that is more than perfect

everything works out in God's timing

soft words spoken during moments of quiet; answers and peace learning and growing during the wait; seeing beauty unfathomable finding healing in difficult times.