[dropcap]I[/dropcap] cleaned my house for the ba-zillionith time yesterday.  Another prospect was coming to look at our home for sale.  Frantically, I hide Minnie and Elmo pajamas and stuff coupons in a drawer.  I strategically place items in spots to cover up stains and spills.  I fluff the pillows, open the blinds, and spray Clean Linen Glade throughout the house.  As I round-up the girls to head outta this place, I silently pray that these people could be the one.

They weren't.

The feedback showed they just weren't that into our house.  I take it personally.  Could I have done a better job of putting away toys?  Maybe I should have more flowers on the deck?  Or, should I have baked some cookies to cover up any smells of the remnants once inside the Diaper Genie?  Disappointed, I begin to doubt.  Frustrated, I start to lose faith.  Selfishly, I ask why.

Why didn't they like our house?

Why is our house not selling?

Why are you, GOD, not making this happen? 

My question to God lingers a bit longer than the rest.  He has given us some light into our immediate future.  He knows that we want...need to sell our house.  He knows our desires...heck, I could even argue that He was the one that planted the desires inside mine and Raleigh's hearts.  So, why was He not making this happen?

Because they weren't the one.  And, now isn't the right time.

It's tough to digest this information.  All of my hopes, my dreams, my plans...now what?

We wait.

We wait on God.  To reveal His good and perfect timing.  And, during this waiting a crazy, disturbing, make ya take a step back and say what thing begins to happen.  We seek.  During this time of revealing truth, rebuilding faith, and replacing doubtful hearts, we find God.  Finding God - this intimate, detailed-oriented, planner - we find a way to let go of our plans, hopes, and dreams.

We hold His hand and trust.

Trust that out of the hundreds of people who have stepped foot into this house; that He has one person or one family picked out to call this place home.  We have to trust that we will be released from this debt right when we don't need it any longer.  We will trust that God will always provide us shelter because He takes care of the ones that love Him.

Inhaling, I take in His love.  Exhaling, I release anxiety.  Then, I think of you.  We all have times in our lives when we ask God to speed things up.

Like maybe:

  • You go on a million gazillion dates with so many Mr. Wrongs and wonder if you will ever meet Mr. Right.
  • You smile and answer all the right questions in an interview.  When will you finally get the job?
  • You angrily throw another false pregnancy test into the trashcan.  Through hot tears, you bitterly question if your body was made to carry a child.

Sweet friends, I can't tell you when these things are going to happen or if they will happen.  But, I can tell you to wait.  Wait, in all it's excruciating glory.  In this place of hair pulling, temper throwing, nail-biting waiting, you can discover a relationship far greater than Mr. Right, the Perfect Job, or the Adorable Child.  Like the perfect gentleman that He is, He is waiting for you to arrive in this foreign land where you have no control.  And - when you angrily sit your butt on the stairs and blow your hair out of your face in frustration - He is there.  To love on you, to hold you, and to give you strength to continue waiting.

Because He takes care of the ones that love Him.

Wait in this truth sweet friends.  You'll find me there too.

[quote]Question: What is the one thing that you are waiting on?[/quote]

Till next time, let your light shine,

Blessings, christen