[dropcap]C[/dropcap]lose your eyes.  Allowing your mind to still, listen to the rolling waves cascading over the earth's crumbled floor.  Now, take a deep breath and give Me all that jumbles your heart today.  Do you smell the salty air?  Cast your face toward the sun, allowing its' radiant light to warm your skin. I give what is good and My glory dwells in your land.

Giving Me this moment each day is a necessity in your life.  Without Me, your life will never be fully fulfilled.  No job, no child, and no other person can give you the same type of satisfaction. Daily, you turn to these things before you turn to Me.  Mortal men twist your words and needy children beg for your attention. Instead of feeling My peace, you struggle with earthly discontentment.

I hear your cry. Child, know today that I came into this world to save the brokenhearted and to show you mercy. Sit beside Me on this back porch and share all that troubles you today. Take your time - I have unlimited patience.

Psalm 85:8-13, Psalm 56:3-6, 1 Timothy 1:15-16

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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