With our busy summer schedule, wraps have become our new best friends.  Great on-the-go sandwiches, these wraps are not only healthy but easy to eat by the pool or a Sunday afternoon picnic.  Below are two different wraps that we have tried and I've also got some fun alternatives making these sandwiches versatile and never boring! Chicken Wrap with Avocados and Apples

My girls are obsessed with apples these days but have become a tad bit pickier with their vegetables.  (I know avocado is technically a fruit but I tend to view it as a veggie by my use of it...just go with me here :) )  So, I snuck in a little bit of creamy avocado to go with the crunchy apple texture in this wrap.  I also added chopped chicken left over from supper the night before (I'm always trying to think of ways to re-use my leftovers!) to give the girls some protein.  Add a slice of provolone cheese and some honey mustard and you've got yourself a tasty lunch.  (I think this combo would also taste great on a spinach wrap too).

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For a little switch-a-roo, try a chicken wrap with hummus and Mexican sprinkle cheese.  So good!

Banana, Honey, and Peanut Butter Wrap

You can see we've got ourselves a fruit theme going on with our wraps today.  But, what can I say...my girls love to eat fruit!  And, what better time to eat fruit than in the summertime?  This wrap is ridiculously easy.  Just cover your wrap with some peanut butter and then add the chopped up banana.  Then, drizzle just a little bit of honey on top and roll it up.  Easy peasy and super yummy!

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To switch your fruits up, try chopped up strawberries and peanut butter inside your wrap.  The combo is scrumptious to little tummies!

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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen