Wow, what a busy week we have had!  Between traveling and working, I am one worn-out momma. :)  But, a happy momma. Since we knew that I'd be starting work this week, Raleigh and I decided to have some good ole' fashioned family time last weekend.  On Friday night, we went downtown and ate at Dreamland (we split the trio of ribs, chicken, and pork and added some was delicious!) then walked over to the Splash Pad for some after dinner fun.  The weather was perfect and the girls had a blast getting to run around soaking wet.





I took so many pictures that a guy asked me if I was a tourist.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Little did he know that I wasn't a tourist...just a picture obsessed bloggy mom. :)

Maralee & Adeline

Wipeout!  Maralee is fearless y'all :)

Maralee, Raleigh, Adeline, Mommy

On Saturday, we loaded down the van with clothes, a t.v., and a crib.  Y'all, I know vans are not the coolest and I was very unsure about getting one two years ago, but it is great.  Really, the storage is unreal and it makes traveling with twins so much easier.  So, if you are debating about whether or not to take the minivan plunge - I say go for it and don't care about what anybody else thinks!

Anyway, back to our weekend.  Since Sunday was Father's Day, I set my alarm to get up before Raleigh (this is a BIG deal for me - ha) and made chocolate chip and banana pancakes.  They were super yummy!  After that, the girls helped daddy "shave" before church.

Maralee, Daddy, and Adeline

Father's Day 2012

It was bittersweet going to church at St. James on Sunday.  I knew this would probably be mine and the girls last Sunday there since I'll be working on Sunday mornings at Covenant from here on out.  We got teary-eyed saying goodbye to the twins "second mothers" in the nursery and also saying goodbye to some sweet friends.  One of my mentors asked me, "So, will you still be blogging?"  and I gave her a confirming yes.  (more on this in a sec...)

After church, we ate lunch with the Godwins and it was cra-cra with all of the girls crammed between us in a booth at Zaxby's.  I hated that the girls were being so wild because we had a hard time talking with our friends...and each other!  We were leaving for Dothan later that afternoon and I must admit that I got a little panicked thinking that I would soon be doing this without Raleigh for half of the week.  Even though I am a stay-at-home mom and am used to being responsible for them majority of the time, it was still daunting to think I wouldn't have him to come to my rescue as easily.

It was about this time that he looked at me and said, "Let's pray."  Raleigh helped me to regain a sense of calm as we began to load up in the car.  It was in this moment that I remembered why I loved my husband so much.  He is such an anchor to my boat full of emotions and he helps me to navigate toward calm waters when things get rough.  I love him for that.  He is just about the only person that can fully help me with my anxieties in life.  I guess that was part of why God paired us together.  As he buckled the girls in their seat belts and gave us all a kiss and a hug, we experienced a special moment in our relationship.  It was tough saying goodbye to my sweet guy on Father's Day but as we headed south, I knew we had already become stronger than we were just a few hours before.

Two hours later, we said hello to the Ridley clan.  We are setting up "house" at my parents home while we are in Dothan.  Within the hour, all of our clothes were hanging in closets and the crib was put together.  Mom had worked really hard at creating space for us and it was nice to be back in my room and it actually feel like mine.  My parents have been a great support for us this week and I am so thankful that they welcomed us with open arms!

Bright and early Monday morning, the girls and I headed to Covenant to start our new routine.  The girls are going to Mother's Morning Out twice a week so I'll be working on those days.  I think we are going to like our new schedule.  They seem to have already adjusted well to their classroom; which puts Raleigh and I at ease.  My first week was a typical first week: lots of introductions and familiarizing myself with how the offices are set up...all that fun stuff!  I really enjoyed myself and have already started tackling a few projects for my position.  If you go to Covenant, I'll be in the Children's building this Sunday so please stop by and say hello!

This was after work... Adeline was ready for a nap!

After I finished my work week, we headed back to Montgomery for the remainder of the week.  Raleigh and I watched The Vow the other night and it was so nice to sit with him and do nothing.  I know that balancing work, home, and writing is going to be tiresome, but it is really just right for this stage of our lives.  I am excited to be working in a team environment but I am also just as equally excited about staying in my pajamas until ten on my off days with the girls and I can't wait to sit down at my computer and share life with all of you.  Truth-seekers, y'all are such an important part of my life...I couldn't stand not having this space to confide, inspire, and relate with all of you.  I think that there will be some adjusting time for me as I figure out my new schedule, but it is my hope that the blog will continue to be a place to share Christian at home and at work.  We are just adding another layer to our conversations :)

Thank you for all of your support this week!  May your weekend be filled with joy and relaxation :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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