"Wu-Wu," "Wu-Wu?"

My heart aches at the sound of their concerned voices.  Taking a deep breath, I force a quivering smile as I face my pig-tailed companions. "We're gonna find Lu Lu.  It's going to be okay."

I wish I believed myself.  It was close to dark and we had been searching for the past two hours.  There was no trace of where she could have gone and after driving and walking door to door, I was beginning to lose hope.  She had escaped from a friend's house and I knew she was unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  Just down the road was a busy intersection that led to our house.  I prayed she didn't dare cross it.  She was so tiny....I wipe another tear as it rolled down my cheek.

We head back toward the starting place of our search.  Obi is still in the backyard, along with the other dogs.  I see no hole, no sign of escape.  The suspicious-looking neighbor said that he saw a little white dog in his yard earlier that day.  I wish he had checked her collar and called me.  I do my best not to cast blame.

Heading home, I scan the side of the roads.  There was no sign of her anywhere.  I don't know how I would react if I saw her lying in a helpless heap.  She was my dog, my companion...and I had no idea if I would ever see her again.

My eyes brimmed with tears as we tucked the girls in bed that night.  We said a special prayer for Lu Lu before turning off the lights.  Downstairs, I cried into a pillow on my bed.  Lu Lu had been my dog since college. She was my guardian and cuddle partner when I lived alone in Birmingham. She was with me when Raleigh asked me to marry him and kept me calm on our wedding day.  I held her in my lap as we drove to our new life in Montgomery.  She was the one who sat on the edge of the steps outside the twins' room as they took their afternoon naps.  She was part of our family and she was out there all alone as we went to bed that night.  I was devastated.

Morning came and Raleigh began searching at five a.m.  I could tell by the look on his face when he woke me at seven that he hadn't found her.  Carrying my breakfast with me, I drive for the next hour before coming back to get the girls ready for school.  No luck.  Dressing the girls, we head back out before school.  Again they cry, "Wu-Wu...Wu-Wu?"

I pull into their school parking lot feeling and looking horrible.  I was so wrecked by this little dog's disappearance.  Part of me thought I was being silly...the other part felt like this was my fault.  I couldn't bring myself to do anything else that I had planned for that day.  I had to find her.

We begin to hang up missing posters.  Friends help with the hanging and  I am grateful for their concern.  I call the local vets and give a detailed description to the Humane Society. I can tell by the sound in their voices that they too were concerned.

A little before lunch, I call my mom.  She is just as heartbroken as I am.  She suggests that I start walking again.  Taking her advice, I start at our friends' house.  I feel like their neighbors know me by now as I walk past their homes.  I round the corner and begin walking the next street over.  I knew that if I didn't find her today that her chances of surviving would decrease dramatically.  As I walk, I begin to talk out loud.  I ask God for peace and comfort.  Over and over, I tell Lu Lu that I'm sorry. As the road began to round at the curve, I noticed a house tucked away in the shade.  It had large foilage that masked the yard from the rest of the road.  Scanning my eyes across the yard, I notice a small white dog sitting on the front door slab.  My heart skips a beat and I blink to make sure that what I see is real.  There, sitting as still as the night, was Lu Lu.  I call out her name; almost as a question.  Running across the street, I sweep her into my arms still not believing that she was alive and well.

"I can't believe I found you," I exclaim through my tears of relief, hugging her close to my heart.  On the short walk back, I call Raleigh and my mom, barely able to put my joy into words.  I had lost hope, but there she was - safe and sound.

Some people don't believe in miracles, but I can honestly say that I do.  I did not think that I would ever see Lu Lu again.  We had driven and walked that road at least thirty times in less than 24 hours and never once saw any signs of her.  I don't think it was luck or something that just happened by chance.  I believe it was a miracle that I found Lu Lu that day.

You might not be searching for your lost dog, but we are all searching for some type of miracle in our lives.  Trust me, it is easy to give up hope and to not have faith in life but why do we keep searching?  If there isn't a God, then why is He the only one that I can turn to in times of fear?  Even if I hadn't found Lu Lu that day, I would have still turned to Him to get me through my pain. When I am weak, He is strong. We keep searching because we all believe somewhere deep inside of our devastation and fear that God does perform miracles.

[quote]What is the miracle you are looking for?  I pray that you keep searching until you find it.[/quote]

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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