I don't know about you, but when I go to the beach, I like to eat.  Like, A LOT.  Something about that salty air just makes me want to munch all day long. ha!  When I am at the beach, I love to go out to eat for dinner but I find it fun to bring some things from home for snack and breakfast/lunch.  Here are some recipes that I tried out over the holiday weekend:

Southern Living Orange Rolls

When I spotted  Southern Living's orange rolls  in one of my cookbooks, I knew that this would be a fun recipe to try.  My hubby is a big fan of sweet rolls and loves orange juice so I figured he would enjoy these down at the beach.  I was right!  He said that they tasted like something you would get in a restaurant and I would have to agree.  What makes these orange rolls so special is the orange zest inside the rolls.  It gives the sticky concoction a slight citrus flavor which is perfect for a morning at the beach!

I also loved how simple the recipe is...you use refrigerated dough (I used Pillsbury French Bread like the recipe says and it was great) so you can make it the day before and have the hubs pop them in the oven before you even get out of bed!  All you have to do before serving is whip together some confectioner's sugar and orange juice to drizzle on top of the hot rolls.  So easy and yummy!

Sausage Balls

To have a salty with our sweet, I made some sausage balls.  I'm a big fan of sausage balls because I can make them beforehand and they stay good for a couple of days.  The girls loved to eat them because they were cheesy and easy to hold.  Here is Paula Deen's recipe (I've used just regular flour instead of Bisquick and they taste just as good.)

Homemade Graham Crackers & S'Mores

I saw this recipe in Martha Stewart Living this past month and HAD to try it over the 4th.  Isn't it festive?  I made the dough back in Montgomery (love the natural ingredients in it!) and then cut out my graham crackers before lunch one day at the beach.  I couldn't find a scalloped square cookie cutter so I just used a regular square cookie cutter from Hobby Lobby (if y'all know where I can find a scalloped one - let me know!).

I baked them in the oven while we ate lunch and then added the marshmellows and chocolate to the bottom cookie before popping them in the toaster oven.

This was such an ooey-gooey treat!  If you are feeding to toddlers, I would definetely recommend taking off their clothes so they don't get ruined :)

Adeline enjoying her s'mores!

Maralee said they were "mm-mmm"

It was a fun snack to eat as a family over the holiday.  As you can see, my graham cracker cookies were pretty thick.  Next time, I might try to roll out my dough a little thinner to make the cookies not so thick. (Idea: save your star cut-outs and bake them as a handy little treat to serve your kiddos at snack time.)

Like I said, vacation isn't about being in the kitchen all day long. But, making special treats beforehand that are easy to prepare is a fun way to add something special to your time together as a family.  Hope you enjoy!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen