[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week, our brave clan traveled 14 hours to visit my dad's side of the family. We were a little nervous keeping two two year olds happy for such a long trip but we came prepared with lots of Mickey, Jake (or Yo-Ho as the girls call him), Nemo, and Elmo coloring books. We even had two slinky's for the trip :) What we were not prepared for was Adeline getting sick at two a.m. in Shreveport. Bless her and all of our tired hearts as we did our best to find a hotel to bunker down in for the night. Thankfully, she felt better Thursday morning and with a little help from some Febreze the van smelled good as new (almost).

After four more hours in the car, we pulled into the West End of Dallas to stretch our legs and tour the city. Adeline and Maralee would have shouted freedom if they knew the word! We had a nice time checking out the historic site where our beloved president, John F. Kennedy, was shot. After that, we headed on up I-75 to my aunt's house in Sherman.

As we pulled off the highway and onto the shaded street of her old house, I knew automatically that I would soon be falling in love. And I did.

My aunt and uncle had completely restored their home which was built in the 20's and it was just gorgeous. Her front porch welcomed us like any polite southern lady would.

Inside, she had a sitting room with gorgeous hues of blue and brown and her bathroom was to die for with a claw foot tub and calming tile. One of my favorite spots of her house was her breakfast nook where she kept some of her favorite cookbooks. I had so much fun admiring their hard work!

After an evening of visiting with family over homemade Texas barbeque, my cousin Wendy and her family took us to the Dallas Arboretum.

Even though it was a warm day, the walkways filled with summer blooms kept us cool in the heat. The arboretum had these cute little houses set up of famous painters and the girls had so much fun exploring them with Wendy's kids.



Me, A, R, M

It was so cute to see how much her daughter, Claire, took to the twins. They loved having a big girl to play with too!

Adeline and Me

Later that night, we went to my cousin Alicia's house to meet up with the rest of our family. My brother was able to fly in from Auburn and my other aunt and her family flew in from New Orleans. Soon the house was buzzing with chatter, laughter, and "I missed you" hugs. A pool party was soon underway and it felt so good in the Texas heat! Alicia's kids, Drew and Kate, were great swim buddies to Adeline and Maralee. By the end of the night, the girls were jumping into their arms like they had been friends forever. I wish they all lived closer!

On Saturday, Raleigh and I got to spend the whole day exploring Fort Worth. Traveling two hours from my aunt's house was totally worth it for our lunch at Joe T. Garcia's.

I am not kidding when I say it was LITERALLY THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH. I don't think I can go back to Alabama Mexican food after experiencing such food heaven. Their tortillas were so light and fluffy...I never knew that they could taste like that. I ordered the small plate which came with a cheese nacho (it was one big nacho with ooey gooey sharp Mexican cheddar cheese melted on top), cheese enchilada, beef hard taco, rice, beans, and smaller tortillas. Y'all, even the rice was outstanding. I'm not usually a fan of hard taco's but when I bit into Joe's beef taco, all I could say was "That is so good. Seriously." Raleigh got a breakfast item that had egg, potato, and beef all mixed together and it was also out of this world good. He couldn't stop piling the mixture into his tortilla. I don't think I will ever eat Mexican food that good again.

After we stuffed our bellies, we walked around Sundance Square and visited the Stockyards.

We bought the girls some boots and I got a cute little shirt on sale that I can't wait to wear. I had the BEST time hanging out with Raleigh all day. I've missed him terribly since moving to Dothan and I look forward to us being a "family" again soon. It was nice walking the streets of Fort Worth with him and we both agreed that it was our kind of town.

Later that night, the whole family met up again for some dinner by the pool. We all had such a good time catching up and it was nice to just sit and talk with people that we love but don't get to see everyday. The last time we all got together was at our wedding five years ago and we all agreed that night that we need to plan reunions like this again soon.

After giving out lots of hugs and goodbyes, we woke up super early Sunday morning for the ride home. The girls did fantastic and many prayers of thanks were sent up by all of us. We were also praying for our van as it hit the 100,000 mile mark! Even though the trip was quite long (R and I agreed that we would be FLYING next time!) it was totally worth it. We loved getting to spend some quality time with such great family!


Question: How about you? Have you had any travel adventures this summer?


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen





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