I despise the dark and the stereotypical creatures that birth as sun sets. Arriving to work a few weeks ago, I pulled open the heavy back door.

Did I mention, I rather prefer the sun that beckons me to join it, shimmers of light dancing across rippling water on a summer day to the dark veil spread thick over the close of the day like the last scene in a play?

I was there before others. Hands full of strategically balanced teacher bags, jingling keys, and a sloshing BIG gulp of caffeine that fuels my day, I fumble for the light switch that brings immediate vision. Light.

The Dark. Where roaches and lurking shadowy figures made bigger with my running wild imagination. The Dark. Where spiders and other creepy crawlies make their move.

Light. Sweeping into the dark echoing halls and dust filled edges that seem to be closing in on me.

That day, a few weeks ago, I walked in the dark. I didn't balance things like the star juggling act in a three ring circus that early morning. I walked in the dark.

I've been reading through Psalms over the last month or so. I felt God calling me to do so. I never know why until I begin to let myself sink into His goodness. Not until I move me aside (step aside missy) and let Him have a chance to speak do I let truth and light into my life through His word.

I walked in the dark both literally and figuratively. And I was not/ am not afraid. Halfway down the hall, I came to the odd realization that I am halfway down the hall in the dark! Hello. I was talking to Him as I walked down the endless connection between the place I left and the place I am going. And I am comforted by His presence.

I made it down that dark hall of newly shined flooring with Him.

I am walking, feeling my way through the dark. Only this time, I am not accompanied by creatures with multiple legs and big bulging eyes. He is there in the dark.

I am searching my way through the dark knowing full well that He is here. Realizing that He alone is the fuel for my day (move over caffeine). That my God can clear the dust filled corners and bring crystal clear clarity in His own time. He is the saving switch that will be flipped and the light that will shine in the darkest spaces that were once scary and intimidating, leaving all things Him.

Sometimes He speaks clearest in these times.

"Send forth your light

and your truth,

let them guide me;

let them bring

me to your holy mountain,

to the place where you dwell."

-Psalm 43:3

Reading back through my notes in my journal over the past few months, my cheeks become moist with tears as I see how far He has brought me from where I was. I see just how sweet He is. How faithful. That when we call out to Him, desperate, that He answers. He removes walks along with you, giving you His power so that whatever is crushing the life out of you can be made less suffocating and breathes life into you. Filling you with Him.

I'll continue to seek Him.

Lord, be all I can see in the dark or in the light.


***Friends, whether or not we've met, please know that I am praying for you and anything you may be walking through today. I pray that you know His faithfulness and truth. I pray that you know the amazing power He has to equip you with all you need to take on your day.***