Our favorite way to beat the heat this summer is to go swimming!  It amazes me again this year how much the girls love the water.  When summer began, they were a little unsure but once they spent the week at the beach for the 4th, we once again have us some water babies.  Which makes me delighted because they can get good wear out of their custom toddler two-piece swimsuits.

I found this pattern for a toddler two-piece swimsuit in Sew Beautiful {which could be considered a Sewing Bible by some!}.

It comes in sizes 6m-4T and you can smock the top if you want.  I loved it because the picture had twins on it and the fact that I could do a different swimsuit every year with one pattern!

I found this multi-pastel colored fabric at Beth's in Wetumpka.  I loved that it was different and still had that "baby" look to it.  I do not know the name of the font I used on the monogram...I think it was one passed down to me before I knew much about sewing and embroidery.  I really liked how it was in between being super swirly and straight.  Since I chose the same fabric for both of their swimsuits, I really wanted a monogram on their tops.  Like it? I do!

The swimsuit wasn't too difficult to make but the directions could have been a little more in depth for me.  I had to figure out on my own how to attach the top and back ties so they wouldn't get stuck when I sewed the lining to the top.

Also, on the bottoms, I didn't quite understand how to tie off the elastic so it didn't show in between the folds of the ruffle.  I ended up sewing a zig-zag stitch to attach the elastic to both ends of the ruffle instead of attaching the elastic to itself like I normally do in waists.

The girls have LOVED their bathing suits.  They think it is funny to be able to point to their belly button and it is super easy to change their water diapers when we need to.  I think the flair of the ruffled top is A-dorable and makes the suit playful and fun.

The great thing about seersucker is it is easy to dry and no ironing is involved (who wants to iron a swimsuit?).  We've gotten great wear out of suits and I am even considering buying more fabric to make the size 3 bottoms again next year since the top should still fit.  What makes this suit even more appealing is the price.   I paid less than $25 for the fabric and pattern for two swimsuits.  I know I would pay at least $60 for two in a store.  Gotta love how sewing can produce super cute outfits that cut cost!

Now, I think it is time we found us a pool to sit by.  Happy weekend everyone!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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