Adeline & Maralee, 1st Day of school, August 2012

Adeline and Maralee had their first day of Mother's Morning Out today! They were the only girls in a room full of boys when I dropped them off (more were in their class but hadn't arrived yet) but they fit right in. Their teachers said that they were very smart and were very good at holding on to the toddler rope on their way to the gym to play. I was such a proud mamma :)




Last week, we decided to get their first haircut before school began. It turned out a lot better than M's cut in the NICU! :)





They behaved far better than I expected them to. The hairstylist whipped out some lollipops and that was all that concerned them as their little locks were trimmed. I'm sure the average gal can't tell that they got a haircut but their hair looks so good and the bottom is even. It makes me wonder why I didn't get their haircut sooner!

Lu Lu also got a much needed pup-cut. Isn't she cute? She looks so itty-bitty now that she is shaved.

Haircut day!

This past weekend, we got one more chance to go to the lake before school starts. It was such a nice getaway with friends!

Can y'all believe that one year ago today was Zoe Grace's Gotcha Day? My how fast a year goes by!

We are so excited to have this munchkin in our circle of friends :) The Godwins have even talked us into attending the Hope at Home conference in Atlanta. I was a little nervous to say yes because we have not adopted a child but am very excited to go and learn more about adoption. Are any of y'all going?

Yesterday, we had over 100 kids participate in the Blessing of the Backpacks at Covenant. It was such an amazing visual to see all of those kids around the altar being prayed over. It is what makes me love my job! Speaking of prayer, we are also hosting a Prayer Conference at Covenant on September 9th with Auburn UMC preacher Ed Matthews as the guest speaker. I think it is going to be an awesome event!

My heart is saying many prayers for a sweet family that just lost their baby girl. Their story of faith and love is truly amazing but I can only imagine how painful this time is for them right now. Some of our nurses took care of their precious little girl in the NICU and it brought me back to our season of living moment by moment. I pray for strength and peace for this family during their storm.



Last week, we had to say goodbye to another Montgomery couple that is moving home to Tennessee. We have so enjoyed raising our girls together and can't wait for a reunion play date in the near future. Their goodbye party somehow made our somewhat move to Dothan seem a bit more real. We haven't officially shed the tears and hugged the necks yet, but it made me realize that we too are leaving such a special group of people. I do believe that leaving friends is one of the hardest parts of moving. Wouldn't you agree?

Speaking of the move, I really want to sell our house. R and I have been praying about it and talking to our realtor and we've got some big decisions to make pretty soon. Please keep our family in your thoughts as we journey through this weird stage of life right now! As hard as this transition has been at times, it has also been very rewarding. I am learning again what it means to trust and persevere. Last night (as I stayed up way too late finishing the girls outfits for school today) I grumbled to God about this lesson that he keeps making me learn. I almost wanted to shout out "I get it, okay!" but was humbled to realize that I do not indeed get it. That is why I have to keep learning, growing, and trusting. And, through the mess of not getting it, I am beginning to see.

Three years ago, I took a leap of faith and began to write. Since then, my life has been transformed. Even though I am constantly learning the lesson of faith, God has showed me how his love, joy, and peace can radically change the direction of one's life. A year after beginning the blog, he took our family on a journey that we will never forget. Because of that journey, I am able to write this post filled with what is happening in our life today. But, I don't think I would have truly been able to recognize his sovereign plan if we hadn't gone through our NICU experience. I wouldn't be able to understand one family's pain of losing a child or be excited to see children go to their first day of school. Life is a journey and sometimes that journey takes us down some dark paths. But, the one thing I have learned is this: Keep Going.


To celebrate the direction that God has taken our family, we must first remember where we came from. Some very kind friends helped us put together a video testimony that shares our NICU experience in a very impactful way. We are going to show the video this Thursday on the blog. Our prayer is for the video to be a true testament of God's faithfulness and love and we hope that it can be a light that fills an otherwise dark room. We hope it impacts you as much as it has us.

Have a blessed Monday truth-seekers.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen