I don't know about y'all but I'm starving.  A major plus of living at home right now is I get to eat my parent's home cooking.  Tonight my mom is baking a honey ham and sweet potatoes and my grandmother is bringing over fried cornbread.  Can I get a yum?!  They are spoiling me y'all...sheer spoiling me. I can't believe October is right around the corner.  I have ordered the girls their Halloween costumes (Minnie Mouse this year) but only because our fall festival is early October.  What are your kids going to be?  I don't feel very creative with their outfits this year but they are obsessed with Minnie and I figured they would like playing dress up in their costume later on.  My Na Na bought them a Minnie track suit and they look like some of the family members in the Royal Tennenbaum's :) 

Anywho, I'm writing to ask y'all a question today.  And, I really need your answer!  Last year, I participated in the Nester's 31 Days Of Challenge.  If y'all were around these parts last October, you'll remember I decided on 31 Days of Truth.

It was a lot of fun and some of those posts are still my favorites.  Like this one.  Oh, or this one

The Nester is hosting the challenge again this year and I can not decide

A) if I'm going to do it or B) what I'm going to talk about for 31 days. 

As much fun as it was last year, it's not called a challenge just because...it really is a commitment!  I've got a busy October with two weekend conferences plus work and all of our house mumbo-jumbo so I wanted to ask y'all if you wanted to read 31 Days of something around here or not. If I don't do the series, I'll still be posting like regular.  But, if I do the series, I'd like to choose a topic that everyone would want. 

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Am I crazy?  Be honest! :)

Some topics that I've thought of doing are 31 Days of Sewing, 31 Days of Becoming a Better Writer, or 31 Days of the book of Matthew.  These are all random ideas that come to me when I'm trying to sleep so I welcome other ideas!!!!!

So, if you could give me some feedback in the next few days, I sure would appreciate it.  I love y'all truth-seekers and want to provide content that refreshes and satisfies your soul!  Thank you in advance!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen




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