Labor Day always marks the end of summer for me even though the south still has plenty of warm days ahead of her. As crazy as this summer has been with semi-moving and beginning a new job, I've actually had some moments that have been what summer's supposed to be all about: fun.

Here are some of the fun moments from this summer:

- I've tasted some AMAZING food. Some restaurants that we've hit up this summer are Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth (as Raleigh and I like to joke these days, "The best Mexican I ever had), Cafe 30 A in Florida (located on the famous highway 30 A going through Seagrove, Seaside, and Rosemary Beach to name some of our favorite spots), the Rawls in Enterprise (I ordered the filet and it melted in my mouth) and Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham (loved the dining experience!).

- For the first time EVER, I painted my toenails an out-of-ordinary color. I went for a tiffany blue and I was so nervous. I asked the guy doing my pedicure if this color was "cool" or just ugly and all he said was "I hope you like it." Way to give a girl some confidence mister! But, that's what it was all about...I was turning 28 and I wanted to feel young. Painting my toenails bright blue brought out some inner spunk that died after I wore turquoise snake skin jeans in high school.

- Since I'm five years behind, I finally read Catching Fire and Mockingjay in the Hunger Games series. I am officially obsessed and after reading both books in less than a week and watching all of the Behind the Scenes of the movie, I think its time for me to enter rehab because I'm about to have Katniss withdrawals.

- I have discovered some new favorite shops in Dothan. Vita Luna and Altr'd State. The girl in Vita Luna called me "hey girl" the whole time and convinced me that I needed one of those dress shirts in a size smaller than I thought (guess a 28 year old mom of twins is allowed to show some leg after all!). The atmosphere of Altr'd State totally made me feel peaceful and I stayed in there for at least an hour I think...since its a Christian based clothing store I felt like God was okay with it. :)

- In my quest to find the perfect shoes for my reunion dress, I stumbled upon some blue velour pumps from Charlotte Rouse. They are very kitten-ish and I can't wait to wear them on a date or to a special event. Totally unexpected and they were half off an already low price...score!

- Even though I complained about not being able to go anywhere this year due to moving, budget, etc. I still have had the chance to go to Texas and will be going to Chicago, Atlanta, and Hershey, PA (can anyone say chocolate!) for conferences later this year...pretty cool!

- On another side note about me complaining about not taking a trip, the hubs totally surprised me with a beautiful ring for our anniversary. Not trying to be showy but the boy has good taste! I absolutely love it and the sentimentality of it will stay with me every time that I look at the shiny thing around my finger.

- I had a couple of free days to learn how to hand embroidery from Margaret Land over the summer. I've decided to do a pretty floral embroidery down the front of the girls' Easter dresses this year. I loved learning this new skill set and hope I remember it once I have time to actually sit down and stitch!

- Last night, Adeline and Maralee rocked the picture book. Maralee pronounced dinosaur as dina-snore. Made my heart melt. They have also been totally into gymnastics...I might have declared Adeline to be the next Gabby on uneven bars. It has been so fulfilling for us to see our tiny preemies growing into such big girls over the summer.

- Last but certainly not least, I've gotten to chill at the beach the past two weekends and again this weekend if I'm lucky. Not trying to make anyone jealous but I have seriously loved having some r & r with my little family of four.

What about you? What are some fun things you've gotten to do over the summer? Would love to hear!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen