[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is a favorite game of hers' these days. She bounces around the corner as fast as she can.  I call for her to come back yet I hear no sounds.  As I follow her steps, I find no trace of her whereabouts.  Her name rises out of my mouth again and I hear a faint giggle.  Smiling, I know I've found her but I don't let on that the game is over.  I check all around her, calling and listening for the giggle that multiplies as I draw closer with each step.  With a big swoop, I unveil her from her hiding place.  She grins from ear to ear and shouts my name with delight. 

Even though she was hiding, I found Joy. 

This finding of Joy...it's uncontainable.  When Joy is found giggles erupt and eyes shine.  Joy has a way of lifting loads off one's shoulders and creating new life that was only once imaginable.  Days seem new again and life feels less tumoltuous. Finding Joy brings peace to the seeker allowing her to sigh a breathe of contentment.After finding Joy, I discovered something else:

There is also Joy to be found in the seeking.

Recently, being a seeker has withered my Joy.  I've been searching and getting lost.  The path has been windy and the roots hidden in the underbush has caused me to stumble and fall.  I lost sight of the Light and any Joy that I had was also lost along the way.  I didn't know when I would find Joy again.

But, once I found her, I realized that I knew where she was all along.

She had always been with me; always part of me.  It just took some growing pains to realize this truth.  In an effort to find Joy; I took my inheritance into my own plans instead of trusting the Light.  I wanted to hurry up and find her but the seeking is part of the journey.  Seeking Joy isn't controlled by my own plans or by earthly time; rather Joy is found by giving up. 

When I allowed myself to live freely and trust that my life was being taken care of by the Light - this was when I found Joy.  He told me not to worry but I didn't listen.  He told me to have faith but I didn't believe.  Only when I gave up on worry and disbelief was I able to find Joy through the seeking. 

Now, life is different.  I am still seeking answers to prayers but I can wait for those prayers to be revealed.  I'm sure anxious thoughts will occasionally fill my head and frustrated tears roll down my cheeks but by finding Joy I've found a cure for this cold.  Joy is a prescription that the Doctor gives us to fight off disease that weakens our spirit.  As my journey continues and life unfolds with all of her twists and turns; I'll keep that prescription filled.

There is great adventure by being a Truth seeker and Joy finder.  With this adventure comes many obstacles and it is easy to get lost.  But, when the mind stills and the heart pounds Peace fills once gaping spaces for us to carry on.  Finding Joy is only part of discovering the Truth that sets us free.  The Uncontainable Truth illuminated by the Light that has been shining on our path of adventure all along. 

It just took finding Joy to see. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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