To gymnastics we go! Recently, we started a Parent-Tot gymnastics class here in Dothan.  All of the twins' friends took gymnastics in Montgomery this summer and they couldn't wait to jump around and learn the skills that they saw their friends doing.  Y'all, THEY LOVED IT!  Seriously, I've never seen my girls have so much fun at an activity.  They loved the trampoline, were fearless on the beam, and conquered the bars.  Here take a look:

The thing that makes Raleigh and I so proud is that we never knew if they would be able to do something like this.  We had a spat with fragile bones in the NICU so I always figured my girls would be delicate as they grew up.  But, to see them bouncing, climbing, and using their body strength to flip...was truly a moment I will never forget.  I was so proud and as you heard, I declared Adeline to be the next Gabby on bars! :)

Question: What activities do your kids do that make you proud?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


Adeline and Maralee are active toddlers today, but take a look at our family's NICU video testimony to see just how far they've come!



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