Hey truth seekers!

How's your weekend been? I sure hope you found time to dwell in God's house and rest in His presence.  I've been in Chi ago for the past few days learning about children's ministry at the KidMin conference put on by Group.  It's been an amazing experience and it came at such a perfect time that only God could have ordained.

Last week, I honestly wasn't sure if I felt ready to begin another 31 Days Of challenge. Since I asked y'all your opinion on what I should write about, I've been racking my brain for a topic.  This weekend, as I've listened to amazing speakers, toured the heart of Chicago, conversed with people just like me, and spent much needed time with my Savior, I've come to a major conclusion: I'm ready to live my life out loud.

You might be wondering what that means. That's great! Hang out with me for the next 31 days and we can discover what living out loud means together.  It's my hope that when the month of October ends, that all who journey on this adventure walk away a little more courageous and ready to live life vibrantly for Christ.

Be ready for posts that approach this topic in creative ways. It's my goal to have fun with this series while being meaningful at the same time. I've got to get R to make us a cute little button too! :)

Ya'll ready to jump higher, dream bigger, and stand taller? Good, I am too!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen