[dropcap]S[/dropcap]earching for a light switch can be rather difficult in a dark room.  Hand gropes wall, fumbling to find the little knob that flips the light on to illuminate the room. Me, I've been living in these dark walls, seeking to find the light. I've been desperate, trying to brighten, reveal, and make clear the path before me.  This groping in the darkness has caused me to stumble and fall, stubbing my toe and shouting foolish words out loud in disdain.  The darkness has infused me with doubt, jealousy, and questions.  I'm in need of answers, directions, light to clearly see.

After months of searching, I found a light to switch my life on.  A light that allows me to live in the light instead of the darkness.  This past weekend, I attended the Allume Christian blogging conference for the very first time. I was transformed from one small blogger in Alabama into a blogger part of a community of women with words to say, hearts full of passion, and lives full of light.  I was inspired, rejuvenated, and content by the time the weekend ended.  Not because I got all the answers to my questions but because I finally realized that blogging is my place in life. And, I found friends!

Mary Beth from New Life Steward

Kelsey from Auburn!

For the first time in a very long time, I felt got. Conversation flowed as easily as the Avodah coffee between women of all ages, blog sizes, and states near and far.  Before this conference, I was at a point with blogging where I wasn't sure if what I was doing mattered or was getting me to my ultimate destination.  I was giving myself a self-proclaimed pity party; full of vanilla ice cream with Oreo's crumbled on top.

At Allume, I stopped listening to the darkness inside my head and began to hear the truth coming from women who lived out loud lives in the light.

  • I heard Jessica Heights say loud and clear that just because I want something doesn't mean I will get it.  Instead of defeat, I felt light.
  • Tricia Goyer challenged me to find my eight family focuses and writing focuses.  Her session completely changed me.
  • Darren Rowse was brilliant and made me appreciate my smallness.
  • Sally Clarkson, full of wisdom and grace, told me that my blog comes out of my integrity as I live life - not that my blog is my life.
  • I totally had a twenty minute conversation with Lisa Jo Baker (squeel!) and she was so down to earth and cool.  She really does rock in real life!
  • Laura Booz gave me goosebumps as I listened to her chat about going local.  I can't wait to implement some of my ideas!
  • I loved the easiness that Kat Lee radiated as she spoke about finding the why that burns inside of me.
  • And, I especially connected with sweet Sarah Mae as she spoke in her sparkly shoes about keeping my life.

I love Sarah Mae's hair! And, her blog of course!  Can't wait for Desperate in January!!!

At the end of Allume, I knew I had been changed.  I found my light switch and now my room sure is bright.  Allume has given me freedom to truly live an out loud life by being me instead of trying so hard to be bigger than myself.  Life already looks different and I am more content now than I have been in a very long time.

I am living life in the light.

Till next time, let your light shine,

Blessings, christen

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