My t-shirt has been replaced with an old green sweatshirt that used to hang in the Architect's closet.  It's late, and the day has been full. The shirt brings me comfort while he is away overnight.  I woke to my second alarm this morning; which is a small feat after such a busy day before.  Boxes have been unpacked, fragile dishes placed in cupboard and clothes folded in dresser drawers.  This new house - this amazing gift - is beginning to feel like home. Home.

Didn't we arrive home four months ago?  Wasn't it a hot June day right after we celebrated him as a father?  Why is this city just now resembling home?

It could be that for the first time in five months we have put all of our suitcases away.  All of our pillows are on one bed instead of dispersed between two beds in different cities.  Maybe it's because the Vizsla has reunited with the Schnoodle and they curl up next to one another even though she pretends she doesn't care.  Yes, all of these things make this new house, this hometown - into our home.

But, for me, it was their shared laughter.  Running up and down the hallways, shrieking in delight as they discovered something new around each bend.  As our daughters laughed, I stole a look at the Architect.  He too, looked at me and our eyes shined bright.  The whole house was illuminated with the twinkling of our eyes and the peace in our hearts.  We were a family again.

I pull the sleeves down to cover my fingers.  Northern air has made its' way south, just in time to welcome November.

November - a month of thanksgiving. Shouldn't every month be spent in eucharisteo?  Every day, every second?  This act is one I am still learning.

As children and adults disguise themselves in masks and costumes, I find no reason to hide my thankfulness.  After 31 days, Living Out Loud boils down to this act of giving thanks.  Because, without thanks, I have no full life. 

Thank you for joining me these past 31 days.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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