I think adoption is a beautiful thing.

Watching Brad and Rachel adopt Amelia, JW and KC adopt Zoe, and TJ and Lacy waiting to bring their adopted child home, has made such an impact on me and Raleigh.  So much of an impact, that we've attended meetings about adoption at our Montgomery church and an adoption conference in Atlanta.  Adopting is an open discussion that we've always had but lately we've been asking each other this question:

Are we being called to adopt or to be supporters of the need?

It's a tough question, one that we constantly wrestle with.  While we recognize the thousands of orphans all around the world that are in need of a forever home, are we being called to bring a child (or children) into ours? Is adoption something that we should all do as being co-heirs with Christ or is it something that He lays on certain people's hearts to actually do?

When I think of the families that I know that have adopted (or blogs that I read), the decision to adopt seemed like a no-brainer.  They recognized the need and then they acted on the call of their hearts and brought a child into their home forever.  Reading their stories or listening to their struggles, I can hear the love cry out of their hearts for their children.  Their adopted child might not have come from the forever mother's womb, but that child is as much the forever mom's child as her biological infant.  There is no difference.  Period.  I love that about adoptive parents.

Taking this thought - need or call - a bit further, I have to ask myself this: What makes me cry? 

There is this song that I love and the singer sings, "Break my heart for what breaks yours, open up my eyes to the things unseen."  I want my  heart to beat to the same rhythm of Christ's and I want my eyes to be opened like the blind man's at the pool of Shiloam.  I don't want to walk around wasting life when I could be living it out loud.  When I think about this idea of what make me cry, one subject matter screams the loudest: prematurity and twins.

This weekend, we watched October Baby on dvd.  The girl that plays Hannah is actually from my hometown and we were cheerleaders together one year!  I loved her adoption storyline.  Not to give too much of the movie away (rent it now!!!!) but her forever parents adopted her as a preemie.  Can we say tears streaming down my face?!  When I think about our twins being born so premature, my heart breaks for those babies that aren't able to receive the same medical treatment in countries around the world.  My  heart also breaks for babies born in NICU's around the United States with a drug-addicted mother or is immediately in the foster care program.  I can't imagine a teeny-tiny infant having no one to hold her in Kangaroo Care or to feed her or take her to the doctor for all of her developmental issues.  It breaks my heart.

But I still have to ask the question: are we being called to adopt or be supporters of the need?

I don't know.  We have both prayed for direction and guidance for an answer.  It might be revealed tomorrow or ten years from now.  If we are supposed to remain supporters of the need, we will continue to be advocates for adoption and love on our friends' adopted children.  We will continue to raise money for more families to adopt and learn about the adoption process.  We will support organizations like Compassion, World Vision, Operation Christmas Child, and maybe even go on a mission trip one day to orphanages.  I trust that if we are being called to adopt, that our hearts will be completely broken and unable to heal until our child is with us forever.

As I said in the beginning, I think adoption is a beautiful thing.  Families that have adopted are living out loud God's love and His picture of caring for the widows and orphans. And families that don't choose to adopt but support the need; those families are living out loud too...just in a different way.  I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, but the subject of adoption is one worth asking questions.

[box_light]What about you?  If you have adopted, how did you make your decision on the need or call? (Or, was the need even part of the question?)  If you are thinking about adoption, what questions are you asking yourself?  [/box_light]


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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