Last Friday night, I was so honored to speak at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery for their fall girls' night.  Lauren, the event coordinator, asked if I would share my thoughts on Psalm 27:4:

We had a great time digging deep into this verse and it's my goal to make those notes available to you all soon.  We focused our points for the evening on four lessons that David learned while seeking Christ:

1. David was confident in the Lord

2. David sought God in times of trouble

3. David's stronghold is in the Lord

4. David desires to live in God's will

While preparing for this talk, one word stood out to me in particular: dwell.  This idea of dwelling in God's house all the days of my life seemed almost to good to be true.  I wondered how could I get to this dwelling place and stay there.  The Hebrew word for dwell is "Shakan" which means to lodge, reside.  As I chewed on the definition of this word, a thought suddenly came to me:

Do I want to lodge in God's house temporarily like a hotel or reside in his home permanently?

After all the traveling that I've done lately, I would much rather sleep in my own bed than a hotel bed.  I want a place to unpack instead of keeping all my clothes wrinkled in a suitcase.  I want to be able to eat breakfast with my glasses on and bad breath instead of fully dressed at six a.m.  I want to be able to rest, truly rest, instead of lodging temporarily.

God has already invited me to live in his house forever.  He's opened the door, greeted me with a gigantic hug and kiss, and has taken the weight of my heavy bags off my shoulders.  He has provided me with a peaceful room where I can rest genuinely, and he does not care at all about my appearance as I am nourished with his grace.  He's given me this home - this heaven - to reside in all the days of my life.

So, why don't I?

Is it because I try to control my life instead of accepting his generosity?  Is it about  desperate independence and I decide to go about my business all on my own?  Or, it could be that I think too much about future events and if I'm not feeling anxious about something then I'm not able to compare my struggles with others?

Instead of gazing upon the beauty of the Lord, these thoughts glared back at me when I looked in the mirror.  I didn't like it. I wanted to see the Lord's face, not my own vanity. A faint whisper rose up out of the ashes:

Seek Christ

It grew louder, demanding for attention:

Seek Christ

All of a sudden, it was calling out my name on the intercom:

Seek Christ

In order to get to this place of dwelling in the house of the Lord all the days of my life (right here, right now!), I had to seek Christ.  When I stop seeking Christ, I start living in a hotel again - this temporary resting place that never satisfies - instead of dwelling in his house for permanent rest.

Today is Day 18.

To Live Out Loud, we've gotta seek Christ.

Don't you hear him calling your name?  He's already rolling out the welcome mat, inviting you to come and dwell in his house ALL the days of your life.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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