It's easy to spot someone in a hurry. With their frantic brow and hasty speed, people in a hurry are not in disguise. As a people-watcher, I wonder where they need to go so quickly. Is it an appointment? Or, a meeting? Could it be to catch the flight to reunite with family?

Watching people passing me by, I realize we all tend to be in a hurry for something to happen. A dream fulfilled, a house sold, a time of remission. It's so easy to want to hurry up and get to the thing we've been anxiously waiting on. But, lately, I've heard God whispering the opposite of hurry.

He's been asking me to wait.

Wait? No, God, I beg you. Not this...anything but this! Waiting is hard. And, I don't like hard.

Yet, he says it again. Softly, tenderly, he asks me to wait. Not stop, not quit...but wait. Reflecting on this, I think I can see why.

The God of the universe is asking me to be in his presence.

I can't do this if I'm running, chasing wild frontiers and destinations unknown. When I'm in a hurry, my will to do life on my own kicks in and I don't need or have time to wait. I've gotta go. Now.

But, God is telling me I can't go far without him. He took a day this day the seventh day to be. He's asking why I don't take a day to wait with him. Is he not my true love, the reason for my existence?

Just be. Just be with him today.

This intentional act of being in relation with God rejuvenates us to live life out loud.

Stop living life in haste so you can truly feel what life is supposed to feel like.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen