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I'd like to do an experiment...will you join me today? (@chris10price |#31dayers | #thankfulthursday)

Who do you need to tell thank you today?

Is it your husband, your sister, or your friend?

Is it the guy who holds the door or the girl who takes your order?

How do you say those two words?

With a smile so bright or a nod full of simple grace?

Is it scribbled in a note or painted in the sky?

Think about it....

How OUT LOUD those two words can be!

{Thank You}


I double dog dare you to say thank you to someone- anyone!

And tell me how you feel.

Join us 31 Dayers and exclaim those two words out loud...

Let's start a trickling of thankfulness on this Thursday

Pass it along, will you my friend?


Thank You!


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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