Does your family have one of those months where most of the people seem to celebrate their birthdays? Well my family does! In October I have 2 Grandfathers, my Father, my brother, my sister-in-law, 2 Aunts, my husband, his Grandmother, and his Aunt who all celebrate their birthdays. Since my brother, my Father, my sister-in-law, and my husband all share a birthday month we try to get together every October to celebrate with one family gathering. It really is a fun-filled time. This month my precious husband is turning 32, and I felt like I should let you know what an amazing man God has gifted me with. Almost 9 years ago we went on a blind date based off of 1 phone conversation that lasted about 2 hours. Before he ever laid eyes on me he knew I had very strict moral values, especially concerning dating and he still took the risk on asking me out! I fell in love with him instantly, and knew he was my gift from God that I had been waiting for. A short time later we were married, and its been an amazing almost 8 years of marriage!

He has been my best friend, my confidant, my hero, my do-anything guy. He is multi-talented, loving, and kind. He has the heart of a kid, which brings so much joy to our home. He has stood by my side when I thought I wouldn't be able to give him children of our own. He picked me up every time my hopes were crushed by another negative pregnancy test - and NOW he is the most amazing Father to 2 amazing children of our own! God is so good.


Matt is the man who refuses to pay anyone for anything. This means if he doesn't know how to do it, fix it, create it, or update it he will figure out how! He goes out of his way to make sure we all have the things we not only need but also want. He works hard all day to come home and play hard all night with the kids! He gets up every morning and prepares breakfast for our family and even makes the kids' lunches! He gives the best bedtime baths the kids could ask for, he puts the baby down for bed each night when AK insist that I be with her. He even cleans up the kitchen after dinner and all the bedtime routines! Ladies - am I Blessed or what?!

When I've wanted new tile floors in our house - he lays them. When I wanted new bamboo wood floors in our house - he laid them. When I wanted an elaborate nursery for AK - he painted it! When we needed to move while I was on bed rest - he handled it! When I want a new car - he gets it for me! When I forgoe to fix myself lunch, he brings me lunch at work and we make it a date. He is selfless, and giving. A man of honor!

He works hard at maintaining his health through fitness and diet st help ensure he will be here for us for years to come! Even though I love to tease him about the time and money that is involved, I am very proud that he cycles around 25-50 miles a week and sometimes runs a few miles too! My heart smiles as I hear him dream aloud about competing in a half iron man in the next year. I wish I could be half as giving, talented, and kind as he is.

He is a loyal friend, an amazing husband, and awesome father,a great son, a good brother, a precious grandson, and an outstanding son-in-law. I have this running joke with my parents that I think they may like Matt more than me!! That's how much they love him! He is a talented engineer, a musician, an athlete, a wood-worker, and a good cook! There isn't anything he does that he is not good at!

My heart melts when he plays "tea" with AK, and rolls around on the floor with Lucas. The giggles he can produce out of our children are something only he is capable of. I am blessed to call him the father of my children!


I hope that this 32nd year will bring my husband new goals accomplished, new dreams envisioned, and new blessings received! I love you Matthew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!