It's Friday - woop, woop!

Can't believe we are already on Day Five of 31 Days of Living Out Loud.  I've had fun with this series so far and I sure hope you have too.  My sweet friend, Rachel, shared the following two songs with me for this series and I just had to pass them on.  Be sure to check out her 31 day series about finding God in the Wait.  It is so touching and just what I need to read during this season of waiting for our house to sell!

Today, on Day 5 I want us to carry this thought with us into our weekends: Living Out Loud isn't about noise.  It's about finding sanctuary to commune with our Jesus.

This first song by Sons and Daughters is called All the Poor and Powerless.  When I first read the song lyrics about "Shouting It Out and Screaming from the Mountains" I was sure this song was going to be high energy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it being a slower pace.  It just goes to show you that power can be found in the loud and quiet voices.


This next song is from The City Harmonic.  I LOVE the sound of this song.  It is right up my ally and I'm so glad that Rachel shared it with me.  She picked up on the lyrics perfectly for learning to live out loud:

"may my life speak louder than words/what i'm saying is jesus i'm sure/you're what i want

these words aint cheap/no, they bleed on the page/i see what i've been and that needs to change/that's what i want/you're what i want"


I pray that you can find time to absorb these songs as you find sanctuary with Jesus today.  Remember, living out loud doesn't have to be noisy; it's about making the change to live life for Jesus.

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post about taking initiative.  I've interviewed fellow NICU mom and interior designer, Ashley Gilbreath and she has lots of great design tips!

May truth find you this weekend sweet friends.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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