Hi, I am Jacob. I have guest posted on this blog several times (Thanks Christen!!), and usually talk about some sort of “do something epic” topic. Since Christen is posting this month on living out loud which sort of covers the "do something epic" part, instead of encouraging you to do something big, I will tell you why I do what I do.

I posted a picture on facebook the other day showing these three little girls. This led to a fairly lengthy conversation with myself for why I do what I do. I came to a pretty straightforward conclusion that I will share in a paragraph or two.

Let me start by saying that a little over a year ago, I sold everything I had in the States, packed up my stuff, started an organization and moved to Africa. The organization is called Water282 and exists to provide clean water to villages that have no access to safe water. That’s the back story. Next is the reason.

Why do I do what I do?

I do what I do because I LOVE PEOPLE. Not just in a “I love everyone because I am supposed to” sort of way. I love and believe deeply in people and their power to change the world. You can see in my  previous  posts on here that I think you are personally capable of great things. Not because you are more talented than everyone else (though you probably are), not because you work harder than anyone else (though you probably do), not because you have access to cool things (you definitely do), but because you are a person. And people are awesome.

Because of this, I couldn’t stand by and see some people suffering from the lack of the basic human necessities, and continue to live the same. In his book “Do the Work”, Steven Pressfield says that we should follow our passion/calling/entrepreneurial endeavor not to make a difference, but because we can’t allow ourselves NOT to. That the pressing need to pursue that dream should be enough to keep us dissatisfied if we aren’t doing it. That’s what the water problem was to me. Something I had an idea, knowledge, talents, and understanding of how I could definitely make a difference, but something that was nearly impossible to say no to. You just can’t see with your eyes, people struggling so badly over something like water and be content living your normal life. Not that you have to move to Africa or anything, but if you saw it, you’d do something big too. Wanna see some examples of the water people are getting?






How could you see these and not love them?

Here’s where this ties in to you. I started an organization because I didn’t just want to help poor people in Africa. I also wanted to also provide a way for the not-so-poor to easily be able to share their love for people by helping meet the need of water. I feel like we could provide an opportunity for life-changing events for people on both sides of the world. The people who adopt a village know exactly who they are helping and get to see lots videos, pictures, and stories of the people from their village. Nobody is giving to a faceless organization somewhere on a continent far away. They are changing the lives of people whom they have seen and know the plight of. When you invest your time and money in that way, you won’t be the same either. Check out this sample village.

Here’s your chance to do something big (perhaps live life out loud?). If you feel like your workplace/church/kid’s school/etc would like to adopt a whole village, check out this page to see what all is involved. ADOPT

If you just want to help our organization to provide clean water to thousands of people in Zambia who don’t have any, and would rather just donate to Water282 rather than adopt a whole village, you can give here. DONATE (we are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your gift is tax-deductible.)

Help people go from walking 3-6km for water like this:

To having clean water in the middle of their village like this:

Hope my story helps you to live life out loud. I am nothing special. I just chose to live into what I believe God wants me to be. You can too. Every. Day.

Annnnnddd.... GO.