Five Minute Friday Hey truth-seekers!

I had so much fun last week at Allume participating in the Five Minute Friday Party hosted by The Gypsy Mama that I thought I would try it out again.  So, here is my post for this week about roots.


It seems as though I've finally come home to my roots.  That's the thing about moving back to your are constantly reminded of who you are, who grew you, and how you've grown.  Last night, while Raleigh was still driving back from South Carolina, I took our girls trick or treating with my parents.  Something about knocking on the same neighbor's door with my girls 15 years later gave me goosebumps all night long.  After we gathered way too much candy in our Minnie Mouse bags, we headed just down the road to Nan Nan's house for some Halloween supper with the whole family.  The kitchen was warm with laughter, silliness, and home cooking.  Raleigh had made it home from his travel and as we sat around the kitchen table engaged in conversation, my heart rested easy.

We were home.

Dothan is our roots and after years of growing and spreading, we are finally home.  We bring fresh insight and ideas on how we want our family to grow our own roots in this place where the peanut crops are sown but we won't forget where we started from.