Five Minute Friday

Since the time change, one of my goals has been to wake up early.  I am NOT an early bird but I also don't like to be late.  Last week, as we transitioned into our new home, I was running around crazy trying to get everything together before work and school.  It left me feeling frazzled and it was not the way I wanted to start out my day; much less my first week in our new house.  I had attended Kat from Inspired to Action's session at Allume and last week I checked out her FREE e-book, Maximize Your Mornings.  I have to say, I'm only a week in but so far it has worked!

She shares that mornings can be a revolutionary time for us.  I love how she says that our very first prayer each morning should simply be, "God, get me out of bed!"  That is the toughest part!!!!!  She then challenges us to spend time with God, plan out our day, and do at least a five minute exercise.  I have tried to follow her advice and already I see a difference in my attitude and our ability to get to school/work on time.  My husband (who is the early bird in the family) has also liked having me up early and has been so kind helping me with this difficult transition from bed to rising early.

What I have loved most about waking up early is the house is quiet.  I hear the early stirs of my girls waking or my husband taking his shower, but I have the whole kitchen to myself.  I can actually breathe and soak in God's goodness as it radiates through our kitchen window.  As a mom, I need this moment of quiet before the busyness of my day.

Don't you?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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